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Toy Soldier Name

Sergeant Larks


Boise, Idaho


Toy Soldier



Enlistment date

2011-06-03 00:00:00

Special Skills

High intellect, Singing, Gaming, Humor and Goodwill spreading, Sometimes writing, and lately Pokemon Breeding/Training


-Formerly Captain Carnivore-

ID#: TS40456
Former Location: Upland, California
Birthday: May 31

Average build, green eyes, short brown hair; basically I’m a guy can fit into almost any place at any time

—Current Missions—

It seems as though Missions can be completed as often as we see fit, so this is a list of what I am currently (meaning always) undertaking.

Operation: Bookmark
Operation: School Bulletin
Operation: Propaganda Posters
Operation: Propaganda Film
Operation: Junk Mail Revenge
Operation: Magazine Reload
Operation: Leaflet Distribution

And my own creation, Operation: PokePropaganda
Description: When trading bred Pokemon creations over WiFi to people around the world, first nickname it ToySoldier and attach Mail to it with a short description of TSU/Dr. Steel/the Utopian Playland.

It’s my way of using the rather large fanbase of Pokemon to distribute awareness!

—Completed Mission—
Operation: Google+

Events & Invasions

Toy Soldiers Unite to Light the Night III – October 1, 2011

TS Day 2013