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Toy Soldier Name



Toy Soldier

Enlistment date

2012-05-14 00:00:00

Special Skills

avid gamer,avid reader,very inquisitive and at times analytical,often have a rather good memory


im a ather large person(i stand at 6’7″)and sometimes intimidate people that dont know me but im a fairly nice person,i can be rather argumentive at times and im very determined when it comes to my beliefs or goals thaat hold my interest but ican also be very flighty,often jumping from one project to another,i love to read and play video games and listen to music,i fluctuate between wanting people around and seeking solitude,i love various fashion styles including but not limited to gothic and steampunk,im a hopeless romantic,i study metaphysics,magick,and most anything that interests me,im highly curious and sometimes analytical(at times to a fault),all in all take the time to get to know me for that is the best way to learn about me:)