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In the face of the shadow of the whip, Yi Chi directly waved his sword to resist, and then his body took two steps back, with one hand’Ding! ‘ At the beginning, the giant rat had a big mouth, but it was the giant rat who wanted to bite Yi Chi to death while Yi Chi resisted the attack of his tail. The result was naturally unsuccessful. However, the huge impact force made Yi Chi’s body retreat more than a dozen steps, and then stopped to stabilize his body. Roar ~! Seeing that he missed the shot, the colorful giant rat immediately roared angrily. I really don’t know how his mouse could make such a roar. After a roar, the giant rat launched a series of uninterrupted attacks, tail, mouth, claws, and even hair became his attack weapons, while Yi Chi retreated again and again, although one by one blocked the giant rat’s attack, but he himself did not have time to carry out an effective counterattack. This is mainly because he is not familiar with the way of fighting the rules of fate. He comes and goes only a few times. If he improves himself step by step, then there is plenty of time for him to understand some of the ways of fighting the rules of fate. But he relies directly on the exchange space to improve. He now has a strong understanding of the rules, but there is no corresponding way to use them. This side of Yi Chi is in full swing, while the nine saints on the other side are struggling to resist the attack of five golden giant rats and ten silver giant rats. As for the black giant rat, it has long been killed by Yi Chi,stainless steel edging strip, where will it appear. In the face of these attacks, the nine saints resisted desperately, but the gap between the two was too large, and soon there were casualties among them. O ~! With a scream, a saint who had just blocked the tail of a silver giant rat was caught off guard by another silver giant rat who took advantage of the situation and bit him directly in the waist, immediately biting out a huge hole. Attacked at the waist, the saint in the early days of the first saint immediately threw a punch at the silver giant rat in a panic, but the other side was too fast,aluminum tile trim, and before he could throw the punch, he had already disappeared. The other saints on the other side were not much better, the injuries were still light, and soon one of them fell down and was directly dragged by three silver giant rats to eat a thousand clean. Seeing their companions being killed and then brutally eaten, the remaining eight saints went mad at the thought that their fate might be the same after a while! When a person is desperate, he can burst out with unparalleled fighting power. The same is true of these saints, when they know that they are going to follow in the footsteps of those companions, suddenly one by one as if crazy, frantically attacking these giant rats, even regardless of defense, in their hearts at this time there is only one belief, kill! Kill all these giant rats! Obviously, it’s good to have faith, but if faith doesn’t match reality, then the end will be miserable. When the second saint was bitten to death by a giant rat, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless tile trim, the other seven saints became even more crazy. When the third saint was killed by the tail of a golden giant rat, the remaining six saints were suddenly a little flustered, and the madness was not as strong as before! When the fourth saint was torn into three parts by the claw of a golden giant rat, the five surviving saints finally despaired. And when they are desperate, they end up dead! Soon, the remaining five rats, including the first Saint Seve of the latter day, died at the hands of the giant rats. After eating these saints, the remaining five giant rats looked at each other, then turned around and ran directly, and disappeared into the vast forest in the blink of an eye. Roar ~! Damn bastards, Jingran dare to rob my food, you all deserve to die! The colorful giant rat, who had been pressing Yi Chi out of breath, suddenly found that his original nine food had been swallowed by his men, and immediately became furious. But before he could kill these bold men, his five golden rats turned around and ran away, giving him no chance to retaliate. At this time, Yi Chi, who felt that the attack of the colorful giant rat had been relaxed, finally broke out. I saw a misty light suddenly fell out of thin air, instantly enveloped the whole body of the colorful giant rat. Putting away the surprise, Yi Chi’s eyes coldly swept over the colorful giant rat whose body was fixed by the light of fate, and a cruel smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth. Did you have a good time just hitting me? Now it’s my turn! With a low shout, Yi Chi suddenly grasped his right hand, only to see that the misty light turned to kill in an instant, and a misty sword pierced the body of the colorful giant rat in an instant. Roar ~! With a roar, the colorful giant rat crashed to the ground, patted the ground with its front paws, and the long tail behind it hit Yi Chi in an instant. Hum With a cold hum, Yi Chi’s eyes flashed and he whispered, “Bound!” As soon as the word “tie” came out, the giant tail that had originally attacked Yi Chi suddenly stopped in midair, only to see a misty light suddenly coming out of the body of the colorful giant rat, and then directly turned into a chain that instantly locked the huge body of the colorful giant rat, together with his tail, directly locked together, looking as if it had been wrapped into a rice dumpling. (To be continued) Dou Shen Relics Chapter 885 The Power of Destiny (Part Two) Chapter 885 the power of fate (part two). The body was tied up, and the colorful giant rat suddenly struggled violently, but no matter how he struggled, the misty light that looked very fragile did not move, and the struggle of the colorful giant rat did not even have the ability to make it fluctuate. See oneself temporarily thought of a move unexpectedly so effective, Yi Chi’s face suddenly showed a happy smile. But now is not the time to celebrate the victory, although the colorful giant rat was tied up, but he is not dead! As long as not dead, Yi Chi’s task will not be completed, until the end, Yi Chi dare not relax! “Boy,tile trim manufacturers, let me go quickly, or I will make you unable to survive or die!” The colorful giant rat who was tied up stared at Yi Chi with a ferocious face, and the words pierced Yi Chi’s heart word by word.


Although he was honest and honest, he had a kind of perseverance when he spoke. Xue Feiguang knew it as soon as he heard it. He could not say that he would do so, so he had to say nothing. Two people talk about other things, Pei Chun will be the recent encounter in detail, said later Liang Yao Wang said he had taken Boller antidote can restore the power of the words, showing a very attentive look. Pei Chun also did not understand why he confided in her and told the secret of giving the huge sum of silver to “Feixian”. It was a beautiful courtesan when the profiteer Gongzhi seduced him with “debauchery and wealth”. Pei Chun gave her this sum of money, and she could be left alone in the future. The two talked for a while, and the topic fell on Guo Yinnong and Yang Lan. Xue Feiguang advised him to beware of Guo Yinnong in the future, pointing out what kind of intentions he had when he first went to save Liang Yao Wang together. Later, he pretended that the poison had not been removed, which made Pei Chun consume more Zhenyuan and was beneficial to himself. With her meaning, this person does not need to spoil Liang Yao Wang’s elixir to save him. At this point, Xue Feiguang suddenly smiled and whispered, “Don’t you still have an elixir of Liang Yao Wang? Can you give it to me?” Pei Chun immediately took it out and gave it to her. “Of course,” he said. “Take it.” Xue Feiguang said, “Liang Yao Wang’s antidote is no less effective than Boler’s antidote. How precious it is! You really have no heartache!” Pei Chun said with a smile, “This elixir is extremely precious, but I even gave it to Guo Yinnong, not to mention you.” He hesitated for a moment and then said, “If I die unfortunately, I still have a sun jade amulet on my body. A poison bead and the Seven Treasures Heart Sword are the most valuable things. Among them, only the poison bead is mine. I will give it to you.”. It’s better to return the Seven Treasures Heart Sword to Brother Shang and the Sun Jade Charm to Miss Yun! Xue Feiguang was very happy and said,aluminium tile trim profiles, “That poison bead is a rare treasure in the world. You are willing to give it to me. It shows your love.” As she spoke, she poured out the elixir, and a fragrance wafted through the room, which alone could imagine the precious efficacy of the elixir. She went on to say, “You’re not dead yet, and I’m thinking about this poison bead happily, and I think it’s too heartless.” “It doesn’t matter,” said Pei Chun. “If I can’t recover my strength,stainless steel tile trim, I’ll die sooner or later.” “Then you can take this elixir,” said Xue Feiguang. “After you take it, you’ll feel sleepy immediately. You’ll take the opportunity to have a good sleep. After you’re refreshed, you’ll be able to get through.” Just as Pei Chun was about to laugh, he suddenly turned into an admiring face and said, “Your intelligence is more than ten times higher than mine.”. Alas! I can’t imagine that since Boller’s antidote has the magic effect of building the foundation of Peiyuan, the detoxification elixir of Liang Yao Wang is the same. He swallowed the elixir with great admiration and then went to sleep obediently. At dawn the next morning, he got up to meditate and practiced. He sat for two sticks of incense, and his practice was complete. When he opened his eyes, he saw Xue Feiguang sitting quietly beside him, with tears still on his face. He was so surprised that when asked, he knew that her aunt forbade her to meet Pei Chun again in the future. She finally sighed and said: “I really should not have read so many books of sages and sages that I should abide by filial piety.”. My aunt and I are like mother and daughter, and I can never disobey her words, alas! If I never read the Four Books and Five Classics, I will run away with you, and I won’t feel guilty and sad after I leave. Pei Chun was suddenly enlightened and thought, tile trim factory ,stainless steel tile edge trim, “It turns out that she has a noble temperament and a heart of filial piety and righteousness, so I confide in her..” Pei Chun thought again, “There are other people who are very good to me, like Miss Yun Qiuxin. I also think she is very good. There are also Miss Yang Lan and others. But I don’t want to tell them something about my worries..” Just as he was thinking, Xue Feiguang asked again, “Brother Pei, what are you thinking about?” “No,” said Pei Chunna. There is nothing. Xue Feiguang smiled and said, “I know. You think of Yun Qiuxin or Yang Lan, don’t you?”? I guess Yun Qiuxin must be more beautiful than Yang Lan, right? Pei Chun face slightly red, although his heart is thinking of these two people, but with the meaning of her tone is very different, he also felt that Xue Feiguang and other girls have a big difference, that is, although she is depressed tears, but a mention of other words, she restored the original youth lively, business exuberant appearance, can inspire the mood of others. He wanted to say goodbye, but he felt reluctant to leave. Xue Feiguang saw what he meant. His face suddenly darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m going upstairs. Anyway, I have to say goodbye. It’s the same later or earlier.” She gave him a generous hand and turned to go upstairs. Her hand is plump and soft, Pei Chun until she went for a long time, this feeling is still lingering in my mind! After a long time, he tidied up his clothes and went out of the house. The eleventh chapter has a special liking Under the rising sun, the paddy fields are green, and the fragrance of dew and rice in the morning breeze is sent into the nose, which makes people feel refreshed. A monk and a Taoist each sat on the two fields, with solemn faces. Li Bujing, a Taoist priest in Kongtong, was always cynical and laughed all day long. But now because Pei Chun came out after a night, it is obvious that Xue Sangu has been instructed, it is not to be ignored, in order to avoid the honor of the school, their own name, are lost in a moment. Pei Chun walked straight to Li Bujing and said, “Taoist, please. I dare to break through this barrier.” Li Bujing slowly got up, between the Taoist robe fluttering, dust flying, the fruit is indeed a dirty Taoist. He nodded his head and said, “It’s easy to say, it’s easy to say. I’m a dirty Taoist. I only have a few old and shabby swordsmanship. It’s hard to be elegant. What weapon do you use?” Pei Chun spread out his hands and made a gesture. Li Bujing looked angry and said, “What’s the matter?”? You just use a pair of meat palms? Pei Chun is about to explain that he is best at double palms, and all kinds of other weapons can be used, but now this battle must use double palms. These words only revolved in his mind. Before he could say it, Li Bujing looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. He said in a loud voice, “Well,tile profile factory, I haven’t met anyone who dares to fight my sword empty-handed since I was a dirty Taoist in Jianghu. Today I’d like to take a look at the unique skills of the two old men in the Central Plains..” Xue Sangu’s shrill voice came from the building. “If you want to fight, just fight,” she shouted. “How can you have so many other wordy words?” 。