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Toy Soldier Name

YJ Grimm


Toy Soldier


Francesca Grimm

Enlistment date

2010-01-06 00:00:00

Special Skills

Moshing like a motherlover! Keeping Iron under control! Imitating cats and other animals! Speaking Italian! Being a word wizard!

Things I do for TSU:

Under 18 Communications officer for TSU-UK, which means that if you’re under 18 in the division your ass is mine :D

Leader of the Metal Division….. This makes me awesome.

Co-leader of the London Division with Evelfa… This makes me awesomer still.

Chat Mod. I might be the nice one but… really, that’s not saying much.

Doing the accomodation side of national invasions


TS Number 29726

Rebirth Date 06/01/2010
DOB: 18/02/1987

Hails to all, and a very good afternoon to you. My name is Francesca Grimm, and as you can see, I go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and side to side.
… Sorry, slipped into a bit of a trance there.
I’m extremely happy to be a part of this army and by gum we WILL take over the world. I’ve been on a number of successful invasions and completed a good few missions now.

Along with Evelfa, I’m the division leader of #1665, the Clockwork Zombies (The London Division) if you live in or around London come find us!

I have also recently become the leader of the Metal Division, and have biiiiiig plans for it…

Also I’m a Chat and Site Mod. BOW BEFORE ME!

Dude I’m a YELLOWJACKET! What the hell!?
Soldier of the Week :

– 8 May 2011 – L.T. Grimm is this weeks Toy Soldier of the week for being an amazing leader who takes on many tasks to ensure all the soldiers at the events she attends are well taken care of and informed! She is a helpful, caring friend and an all around outstanding soldier!

– 19 Dec 2010 – L.T. Grimm is this weeks Toy Soldier of the week for her organization of a fantastic Steelmass and Dutch’s Birthday party event! She has just joined us from the UK this year and she has already proven herself an amazingly dedicated and much respected Toy Soldier!

YellowJacket Award
15th April 2012

Lt. Grimm has been a stalwart Toy Soldier for many years, and a friend to all. During popular and busy invasions, she has gone beyond the call of duty to provide accommodation to Toy Soldiers from near and far. Without her, many would’ve slept in a park, or have not come at all. Lt. Grimm’s infectious optimism spreads through every Toy Soldier she meets! She has stepped up to being a division leader now and is helping plan and organize many invasions and events. She has also taken on the position as a moderator on our site and has dove into that with great energy and wonderful ideas! Grimm is a friendly, easy to talk to person who enriches our community and we want to present this award to her and thank her for all that she has done for her fellow Toy Soldiers.

Events & Invasions


– Toy Soldier Day 2010 – Running around Reading with Monte creating general mischief and putting up Propaganda.
– Operation: Bookmark
– Operation: Guerilla Sticker Attack

– September 2010 – Invasion of Denver’s Nan Desu Kan and Milk (thanks to Reverend Geoff)

– October 2010 – Reading Fresher’s Fayre with Monte, we even managed to get a few recruits!

– April 2011 – Kapow! Comic Con, London – A delightful afternoon of sunshine and pubbage, getting to catch up with old friends and new, followed by some sneaky sneaking into the Con to meet 2 of my webcomic heroes, and followed by an even sneakier, and rather delicious dinner.

– July 2011 – Gig: Combichrist, Mortiis + Aesthetic Perfection – Bloody brilliant music and great company


– London Invasion 2010 – Sheer mentalness. Amazing weekend and people

– October 2010 – MCM Expo – Absolutely brilliant weekend!

– November 2010 – The NUS march against education cuts – cold, mad and slightly frightening, but still great fun!

– December 2010 – Leeds Invasion. A day of cool armour and comics.

– March 2011 – Col. Necro’s memorial and TS Day invasion of the Science Museum – London. A truly touching memorial service for a fantastic and very missed soldier, and a wonderful day at the Science Museum.


– December 2010 – Steelmas drinks and Dutch Day. Much fun, drinking and cuddling was had by all. We even managed to drop a bit of prop on some unsuspecting curious passers-by.

– January 2011 – Camden trip and post-New Year’s drinks. Lots of uniform bits were brought, prop was dropped, drinks were had and new soldiers were met!

– May 2011 – MCM Expo – A weekend of madness and debauchery with lots of fun-tastic memories. Much prop was given out and many nerds were converted ^_^

– July 2011 – The London Invasion – A weekend of solid marching and major funtimes.

– July 2011 – Gig: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Propping punks and steampunks, delightful music, yet more great company.

– October 2011 – MCM Expo and White Mischief. An absolutely fantastic weekend with tons of propping and toy soldier madness, and a wonderful gig featuring 1665’s old favourites The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, the glorious Professor Elemental, and the utterly mindblowing Abney Park. Also a cuddle from Nathaniel ^_^

– November 2011 – Battersea Fireworks Night. Lying right underneath beautiful explosions and fallout, pubtimes, propping and leafy joy.