Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    • @Captain Dermut said:
      We hebben de DCC (Dutch Comic Con) net achter ons, maar de BBQ komt er aan.  

      Yeah, the place where Nessie was recruited ;)

    • We hebben een facebook groep waar de communicatie meestal plaats vindt. We hebben met enige regelmaat kleine meets, naar een pretpark of de jaarlijkse BBQ.

    • [2:05 PM] Elve: I cannot find my second screen…
      [2:05 PM] Elve: No idea where it ran off to
      [2:05 PM] Lt. Sophie: Did you not chain it up?
      [2:05 PM] Lt. Sophie: You know how much they like running away.
      [2:07 PM] Elve: Yes, but I’m from PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Screens)
      [2:07 PM] Elve: So I do not chain them up
      [2:08 PM] Elve: FREE THE SCREENS!
      [2:08 PM] Elve: Eating screens is bad for you!
      [2:08 PM] Elve: You wouldn’t eat your phone!
      [2:09 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Who said I wouldn’t
      [2:10 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Phones are the cornerstone of a healthy meal
      [2:11 PM] Elve: Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that proteines are good for you!
      [2:11 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Nah proteins are just something made up by the lobby groups
      [2:12 PM] Lt. Sophie: I do like the crunchiness of a phone screen.
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Mhmm
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: It’s the crunchiest
      [2:13 PM] YJ_Gonzo: But the most tasty part I usually save for last is the lithium ion battery
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: Mmmmmh
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: I like them with a bit of chili mustard.
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: Really good.
      [2:14 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I do also like the spicy hot ones like the note 7, but they’re hard to find in this climate
      [2:15 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah. :frowning:
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: I don’t eat Apple though.
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: Way too expensive for the same cheap crap as the others.
      [2:17 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Me neither, too bland a taste
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: It’s not even organic.
      [2:17 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah
      [2:20 PM] Lt. Sophie: How do you like microcontrollers, Gonzo?
      [2:21 PM] YJ_Gonzo: They’re the perfect snack to munch on during a good movie
      [2:21 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Though the crispy sound they make while chewing can be a bit distracting
      [2:22 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I like the many different flavours too
      [2:22 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There’s always one someone likes
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: ^^
      [2:24 PM] YJ_Gonzo: The best ones are the ones with some software in them, I like that nice sweet filling
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah, that is nice.
      [2:24 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Though the other day I had a bad batch there were bugs in the bag
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: Ewww
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah
      [2:25 PM] Lt. Sophie: Did you kill all the bugs?
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I spit those out and wrote a long complaint letter
      [2:25 PM] Lt. Sophie: Haha xD
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Almost, a few managed to get away(edited)
      [2:27 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I do hope they will get me some compensation or a replacement batch though
      [2:27 PM] YJ_Gonzo: If it wasn’t for the bugs they would’ve been excellent
      [2:30 PM] Lt. Sophie: nods
      [2:31 PM] Lt. Sophie: Admittedly, I mostly only find the bugs in the software filling.
      [2:32 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There must be something in its production process which makes contamination by bugs possible
      [2:32 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah.
      [2:32 PM] Elve: I love this conversation that my silly comment led to
      [2:32 PM] Elve: Never change you guys
      [2:33 PM] YJ_Gonzo: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: munches on phone and stares at Elve
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: What even are you talking about?
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: I wonder if I can bake a phone and use mirror icing for the screen. xD
      [2:34 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah Elve, munches on a handful of microchips(edited)
      [2:34 PM] ImaWeirdo: Great….it’s raining
      [2:35 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Bleh rain
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: I like rain.
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: Especially with my awesome umbrella :smiley:
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: It’s like walking with a window above your head.
      [2:36 PM] ImaWeirdo: I need to look for my umbrella
      [2:36 PM] Elve: Rain ruins phone food though
      [2:37 PM] Elve: So careful with that
      [2:37 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Not the latest one
      [2:37 PM] ImaWeirdo: I have a huge funeral umbrella somewhere
      [2:37 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Galaxy 7 edge is a great all weather snack
      [2:37 PM] Elve: Yeah but everyone knows the latest ones aren’t the best
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There are a few others like that but I haven’t tried those
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Like… how granny used to make Ye Olde Nokia
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Hmmm
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Nothing beats granny’s olde nokia
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Exactly
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Though, she used to make them like a brick
      [2:38 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:38 PM] Elve: So careful with your teeth
      [2:38 PM] Lt. Sophie: They were a bit chewy, yeah.
      [2:39 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I liked how you could nom on them for hours
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: Like huge caramel brick bars.
      [2:39 PM] Elve: Doesn’t come close to caramel bars
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: True. It’s hard to compare.
      [2:39 PM] Elve: They’re more like jawbreakers!
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: Heh
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: I never had a jawbreaker though.
      [2:40 PM] Elve: Neither have I
      [2:40 PM] Elve: But the name says enough
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: True.
      [2:40 PM] Elve: Nokias do the same
      [2:40 PM] YJ_Gonzo: True(edited)
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: lol
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: First they break your jaw.
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: Then, they break you.
      [2:42 PM] ImaWeirdo: O.o
      [2:42 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Then your toilet when it passes
      [2:42 PM] ImaWeirdo: What is going on?
      [2:42 PM] YJ_Gonzo: But the taste is unbelievably good

    • Awesome news Danov! We shall plan a meet-up!

    • @Captain Dermut said:
      There is some good rambling near and in the Biesbos, or so I’m told.


      Good thing about our little itty bitty country, you’re not that far away from just about anything…. or anyone…  

      Only a 6 hour boat ride or 1 hour flight! Also we have the Efteling!

    • Space dust

    • [00:04] * YJ_Gonzo sets fire to the couch
      [00:06] O_o
      [00:09] what, dutch isn’t here
      [00:09] we can wreak havoc
      [00:09] I didn’t even notice
      [00:10] Anarchy!
      [00:10] * imaweirdo kicks down cardboard cutouts
      [00:11] * YJ_Gonzo helps weirdo collect them in a pile and lights them
      [00:13] Whoooo!
      [00:14] FIREE!!!!
      [00:14] BURN, BABY, BURN!
      [00:14] * YJ_Gonzo replaces all the old bandana wearing dutch cutouts while they burn with the updated beard version
      [00:15] XD
      [00:15] * imaweirdo sits in her cabinet
      [00:15] well, they were a bit outdated
      [00:18] * imaweirdo shuts the cabinet door

    • The Explosion

    • I’m going to buy the tickets this Saturday, June 4th. So last chance to join for €10,- discount on entry ticket.

    • Last Friday’s landing seen from a Rocket’s POV


    • Thank you Commander JET for your many years of dedication and outstanding service to this wonderful army, keeping the website and community together during a tumultuous time to what it is now. Thank you for the few lovely packages and Toymas cards I had the pleasure of receiving though the years.

      The biggest of salutes is in order!


    • Anyone else coming along? I need to get the discounted tickets before the 5th of June

    • It seems SpaceX is running out of hangar space for their landed rockets…


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