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    • I really enjoyed my take on the uniform, and so far most people have really liked it, though 1 person thought it made me look like a nazi, said it was the armband.

      Though the website is mostly dead I have to say the discord server is really active. I can log on most any time of day and there will be a couple of people puttering around.

      I have to say this, and it may sound harsh but radicalizing seems like a very bad idea and in doing so would really make it seem like a cult. It would also end up driving a lot of people away. Because to be honest radicalizing would mean politicizing, and I come here to get the hell away from all of that garbage. The Toy soldiers are about fun and radicalizing isn’t fun, its work, lots and lots of work. If anything we are more of an artist and geek collective. And really the only reason it isnt more active is because in todays world most people have to work to extremes in order to survive and unfortunately either don’t have the time, the money, or both in order to be active in the community outside of small things like posting something on Facebook or chatting in the discord server on their break.

      I think the place to start is to start small. Get your friends involved. Make your uniforms and go to cons, march in local parades, go play dungeons and dragons in uniform at your local game store. If you do art, post it to Instagram with a toy soldier watermark in the corner. Thats all that really needs to happen.

      Honestly the biggest problem I see is that getting the word out their quickly and effectively costs a lot of money, and nobody wants to foot the bill themselves so they have to raise funds somehow. Either by collecting donations or selling some sort of product. But that is time consuming. And I have found its easier to get someone to buy something than spend time on something.

      Unfortunately people don’t have time for clubs in their adult life.

    • This is still happening, just gonna be placed on hold for a little bit. Costs money to build a motorized vehicle. And I am poor.

    • C2E2 2018 planning and organizing has started. They seem to have made it easier to get in touch with the event organizers. So getting space for a table should be easy breezy. If we get a table that should drive up recruitment and hopefully we can start having some larger group outings.

    • That baby chinchilla got names Pip, and her new younger sibling is named Sprout.

    • So I have been looking up conventions in Chicago and am looking at a few where we might be able to get a table. Hopefully C2E2 2018 will be on the spot along with some smaller ones. Otherwise there is a list of cons that I am looking for people to go with to. One of which has a formal dance that I would really like to attend with a date, since I never went to any high school dances.

    • Anyone going to Con+Alt+Del in Chicago this month?

    • A successful invasion in full uniform at a small local comic-con inducting one new member into the frey.

    • Corgi ancidot time.

      Once upon a time I went on a drive with my Corgi to get something to eat. We were in the car for maybe an hour and a half. Listening to music, windows rolled down, having a good time. We get to the resturante and eat outside and We are sitting around and I figure its best to take him on a little walk. I get up and we start strolling around and he is sniffing and peeing and doing dog stuff, when we come to the edge of the resturant parking lot he starts to pull at the leash. Like really pulling, so I go okay might as well let him lead the way. So I follow him around, going all over the place, well we end up behind a strip mall and he really starts pulling at the leash, he is trying to run. I speed my slow butt up and run with him behind these buildings. We rounded a corner and WHAM. This disgusting, putrid, rotten, stinking smell hits me. My dog (his name is Dringo) turns his head and looks at me, with this huge grin, got his tounge hanging out and this satisfied glint in his eye. He found the most attrocious dumpster I had ever smelled. And he wanted to get closer to it. And I’m right behind him going “hell naw” and I tug on the leash to leave and he lays down. He gives me this dirty look like how dare you not like where I took you. I tugged again and he started to crawl closer to the dumpster. Thats when I see it. This big funky smelling puddle with a little stream leading back to the dumpster. And Dringo is only inches away. Now I go there is no way in hell that I am gonna let him crawl and roll in that putrid water then get in the car and sit in my lap. So I pull back on the leash and go hand over hand pulling the leash toward me as I walk over to him so he cant get closer to the puddle. And he is trying to. He is stretching as far as he can. I finally get over to him and scoop him up in my arms and start walking back to the car with him in my arms. The End.

    • Damn and I was just getting around to asking for Stroopwafles on B.E.E.S.

    • Lots of stuff in the works lads. Starting a Dungeons and Dragons night. Making plans on going to the Big River Steampunk Festival, as well as Lockport IL. Steampunk Weekend where Steam Powered Giraffe will be performing. Check the facebook page for more details.

    • I still have to get the days off from work, but I plan on coming.


      There is propaganda with the new logo. Just scroll up to the top of the website and click on propaganda. There are bookmarks and flyers and such. 

    • Pip and Wyperbraid and lamellen has also entered the running.

    • Two names put forward are



      Crimson ChinChilla

    • My chinchillas had a baby!!!!!bliss_gif

    • Here is a patch I designed for airsoft.

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