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Toy Soldier Name

SPvt. Ferris Hammerton XIII


Guilford, CT




Gear, Kobalt, or Smithy

Enlistment date

2013-12-26 00:00:00

Special Skills

I can write and I have 3 years of shop room experience (2 wood, 1 metal/auto). I can also write, make movies, I love role-playing games and I’m learning to be a DM and I also have experience in acting (which I’d love to utilize in LARPing). Aside from this, I am very familiar with Microsoft Publisher and I have very interesting ideas for propaganda and on fun ways on spreading the idea of the Utopian Playland.


Well I was born in a log cabin in the year 1200 and this is not the truth. Truthfully, I have grown up always wanting to have fun and always make things fun for other people. I love being creative and I’m interested in a multitude of things unusual, nearly unknown, and just plain awesome. I love knowledge and I hope to not only learn, but help others learn as well and make learning fun. I particularly love the trades of carpentry, Blacksmithing, anything that involves working with my hands. But for the long and short of it, I want to make the world a better place and make it fun for others as well but doing what I love. So that’s the nuts and bolts of me and I’m ready to do my duty. Here’s to the Utopian Playland!

Events & Invasions

None unfortunately, but I hope to at some point if college doesn’t interfere too much.