Dr. Victor E. Malice

  • Welcome fusor!

    Although nothing much has happened lately, we are always accepting of people who want to be Toy Soldiers in our state!

    I see on your profile that you’re from the Philadelphia area! I used to live down that way, in Phoenixville! I’m currently further north though, near Wilkes-Barre.

    So what kind of things do you do for fun?

  • Has there been any update on this project? It’s been just over a year since anything has been posted in this thread.

  • Greetings, Soldier Of MisFortune!


    I just finished watching your Madeira Cake video, and enjoyed it very much. You did a great job listing out the individual steps of the process, and if I were in the kitchen right now, I feel as if I could follow along quite easily.

    That being said, here’s what I noticed from a video editing POV:

    1. Sound. There is none.

    Depending on what demographic you decide to reach out to (see Sgt. Dutch’s earlier comment), or what ethnicity of food you choose to make, this should slightly influence your choice in background music, should you choose to include some. There are plenty of Royalty Free music sites on the web where you can look for a song that fits the episode that you’re planning on posting. Most songs are free, but some songs you may have to pay for. The songs you have to pay for are just like any iTunes purchase, though. Once you buy the song and download it, you can use it as many times as you like. (If you choose this method, I would recommend giving credit to the writer of the music in your description section: “Song Title – Artist Name”).

    Another option, is YouTube itself. Once you upload a video, you can add free Royalty Free music to your video, and you have full control of when it comes in, etc. Plus, YouTube automatically adds the credit in your description.

    2. Repetition is key.

    One thing I noticed is that the exact measurements for the ingredients was only marked in the beginning of the video. Make sure your audience is clear on how much of each ingredient they need to use. So when you’re adding that flour to the creamed butter, sugar, and an egg, repeat how much flour the person watching would need to add. That way, they don’t need to go back to the beginning of the video to reference how much you stated that they would need.

    3. Annotations.

    So this is something that I learned about helping Dr. Modius with her YouTube channel. At the end of each video, you have a 20 second portion of video, where the point is to promote yourself. There’s a section in the video manager called Annotations & End Cards, and in there, you can add a button to your channel, to one of your videos, to an outside link, to another channel, etc. Only thing about these, is that there needs to be 3 put on your video in order for them to save.

    And that’s it! Great job, Soldier Of MisFortune! And welcome to the world of YouTube!

  • Granted.

    Meet your “Nice Girlfriend”: Janet.

    She knows how to listen to you, and rarely has anything negative to say, if anything at all.

    Because she’s the mannequin in the window at the local department store.


    I wish…..for more wishes!mrgreen

  • Congratulations, Administreer Airhead!borg_assimilation_faces_gif

  • The Absinthetic Orchestra and I are always open and available for an interview! 

    Email us at [email protected] if you’re interested!

  • I like the idea of TSU having a Patreon. 

    If we create this Patreon account, it would allow for not only more content to be posted, but more traffic to the site. More people watching the videos, reading the stories, listening to the podcasts and music, etc. This means that more people will be apt to share the TSU content, thus sharing the links to the Patreon. 

    Plus, if people REALLY like what they see, they’ll join, and create more content with more links to the Patreon!

    PS. I’d be willing to make BTS videos for my current project as a perk, Dutch.

  • If you need any music, send me a PM.

  • Personally, I’m more of a fan of Skype and Facebook messaging. Due to being at work most of the time, I’m able to keep up with anything that gets sent to me from other soldiers from my phone.

    I didn’t hear of Discord until this thread was created, so I can’t really give an opinion on that.

  • As someone who has worked in the setup/tear down process of concerts, I have to say, that the cleanup crew is always the hardest working group I’ve met. 

  • How about this:


    Hereby do Solemnly Swear,That I will Uphold The FUN-de-Mental Truths
    Of The Army of Toy Soldiers:

    To Encourage Each Others Creative Imagination
    To Invite All People, From Every Nation
    To Announce the Joys of Happiness and Fun
    Through Meat space so the Alien Illuminati above
    That We,
    Toy Soldiers Unite, will not fall for their deceitWe’re an Army of FUN! And We Can’t be Beat!

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Dermut. This needs to happen.

  • I salute you, Commander Jet, and we’ll miss having you as our “local Admin” in the US. 



  • Mwahahahahahaha….



  • Any idea when we’ll be receiving the info for the server and the teamspeak?

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