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Toy Soldier Name

Captain Dermut


Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.


Toy Soldier


Martijn van Oostrom / TS#39004 / That Guy /Your Lord and Master

Enlistment date

2011-02-23 00:00:00

Special Skills

Highly Experienced Procrastinator

Highway Triple Reconnaissance Expert

Da Vincian Completion Theorist

Logical Conclusion Ejaculation Specialist

Comic Book Creation Veteran

Lyrical Sculpture Creation

Internet Data Mining




Breathing, (Air and Fire. Still working on breathing water, Earth was a disaster and any related project have been discontinued)

Fluent in Dutch, English and German (with a few words in French, Japanese, Chinese, Gaelic, Spanish, Russian and Klingon)

And I pull a mean pint, if I do say so myself.


Re enlisting after my original has been deleted.

Was there an e-mail about that?


Appearance: 6 foot 7 tall single male, mostly dressed in black, hatted with pony tail. Always My Dr Steel pin prominently displayed on coat collar of Headgear.

Personality: Stable and Quite (boring, like a volcano). (some cases of verbal Diarrhoea have been reported when the subject is quite gripping)

Skills: See above

Marital status: Single (for far to long)

Intelligence level: high

Intelligence practicality: Low

Hobbies: Poetry (writing and reading), Gaming, writing short stories and the occasional movie script, petting the cat (no innuendo on this one), walks or riding bike at night if weather is dry, music, films, the usual, are you still reading this?, writing nonsensically long descriptions.

Division leader #512 Waterratten

Division leader #2063 SteelFleet

Any more information may be requested by PM, answers by discretion.

Events & Invasions

10 Years Amphiskios

Dordt in Stoom 2012 invasion

Run For KiKa 2012.

TSU comic marathon. (OK, I know this isn’t a real mission, but 50 comics in under a month? It sure feels like a marathon)

Toy Soldier Of The Week: March 24, 2013

Toy Soldier Of The Week: June 30, 2013

MCM expo October edition 2013

MCM expo October edition 2014

Dutch Comic Con 2015

Dutch Comic con 2016

Awarded Yellow Jacket 15 March 2016 (Received 12 April 2016)

MCM Oct 2016

Dutch Comic Con 2017

Dutch Comic con 2018