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SSgt. Mayday Myers

    • SSgt. Mayday Myers

      All I have is my work.


      I have the best girlfriend a man could ask for.  But as with all things, the happiness is muted.  My daughter died in march.  It’s only gotten worse.   My projects are the only thing I can focus on and truly find some form of success in.  I fear I will alienate my loved ones and die alone in a workshop or lab somewhere.   I wish I felt bad or upset by this but it’s more of a gray puzzlement.   I just don’t see the world as a member of it.  Only a slightly deranged spectator

    • SSgt. Mayday Myers

      Greetings fellow soldiers!


      Times seem slim and tough lately but I recently rediscovered the army today.  Having been a follower of the doctor I have been isolated for some time now but we shall persevere and I with you!  After escaping my incarceration in a political jail (the vietnamese were not nearly as impressed with my work as I had hoped) I wish to turn my love and zeal for the cause to aid in spreading the message of a positive future.  To a better world and a toy for every man, woman, child, pet, and any other living thing you care to name.


      engineer Mayday (SSgt.)

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