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Toy Soldier Name

Spymaster General Danov Valravn


Edinburgh, Scotland


Toy Soldier


Fiend Computer

Enlistment date

2013-06-26 00:00:00

Special Skills

Information Security

Propaganda in the form of speeches, radio plays and stories.

Knowledge of government procedures.

Performance experience.

Fire performance and fire safety experience.

Baritone opera singing.


B Movie knowledge.

Pen and Paper Roleplay Experience, bringing fun to the dining table!


The Spymaster has been walking between worlds and ideas his whole life, spreading his mad dreams and surrealist ideals wherever he goes, working with musicians, performing arts groups, and more recently, infiltrating Corporate and Government Enclaves.

Bringing a huge array of soft skills to the Toy Soldiers, Danov specialises in examining human nature, psychology, spirituality, theater, economics, politics and propaganda.

“It’s easy to be a keen student of human nature when one feels so far removed from humanity.”

A firm believer in helping others to find and really push their own talents, Danov acts as chauffeur and support network for his wife, the mind destroyingly talented Amber Valravn.

Events & Invasions

MCM Comic-Con Manchester – July 2013

MCM Comic-Con London – October 2013