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Toy Soldier Name

Professor Oplastik


Somewhere in outer Space, sometimes on Earth, between the years 1700-2035




Professor, Sammy

Enlistment date

2035-02-26 00:00:00

Special Skills

Space/Time travelling
Imagining I’m an airship pirate while in the shower
Falling down stairs
Looking like I’m smart and awesome
Gathering information
Repairing pens
Buying and reading books
Doing some technical stuff
Fashion designing
Extreme cartoon watching
Destroying planets


21. 02. 2035, Somewhere in Space
I am Professor Samuel Oplastik, a 17 years old genius from the not-so-far future in 2035. I am glad I could find a way to get my Time-y Informational Mashine Eleven (T.I.M.E.) to work again so that I can contact with the fellow Toy Soldiers from our glorious past and future.
I was born in 1895. I am not entirely sure if I am a human but I hope I will soon find out. I look like a human, though.
I have traveled through time since I had my invention. I have nothing much to tell. I tried to avoid the World Wars and met some great minds, traveled to some planets and countries.

I like drawing, learning (mostly Science and Languages), gaming, writing and many other stuff. I am completely interested in everything, so I hardly ever get bored. I have a vast amount of imagination and I know at least a little about everything. I like to read, too. I can get a bit anxious, but I am a friendly and caring person. I also tend to be a little bit crazy. People often tell me that it seems like my body is young, but my mind has lived for centuries.

My role model has been Dr. Steel himself from ever since I heard of him and even though I don’t think I will ever participate in the music industries, my dream is to be a great scientist and become a great person and to help the people realise that our imagination is a gift. I currently study Science in my college. He motivates me and I will never give up. I don’t wish to copy Dr. Steel. I want to help him and make his ideas come to life. I want to help people realise that nothing is impossible, and that we can use our minds to make every little dream real. Even if it sounds weird or lethal, or maybe silly, it still deserves to be created. From since I realised my goal of life, I have been working on it and fighting for it. Anyone who asks I always tell them I want to be a Mad Scientist. I have many “impossible” plans wrote down in my notebook, which I am going to create. There are always some crazy ideas I’ve got with myself.

I hope I can help the Toy Soldiers make their dreams come true.
(And sorry if I really end up as a World Dictator and accidentally throw bombs and stuff at people. I tend to be evil.)

Events & Invasions

I will definitely attend the MCM Expo in May, 2013. Yeah. (I wonder if I’ll be self-confident enough to go near the other soldiers, though.)