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Toy Soldier Name

Missus Tea


Middle of Nowhere Iowa


Toy soldier


Carrie Thomas

Enlistment date

2009-10-25 00:00:00

Special Skills

Name : Missus Thomas

ID # : TS27917

Divisions :

Infiltrating Small Town America

Survival of Steel


Profile :

Stained glass artist, musician, sometime substitute teacher, crazy dog lady–these are a few of my titles. I can now add “Approaching looking like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2” to my titles as my current job is giving me quite the set of muscles–lugging around heavy chunks of steel every night will do that :)

I live in the middle of nowhere Iowa with my husband, who’s also a very gifted artist(painting, sculpting, steel work–you name it he can do it) and our 5 dogs–Lilly, Morticia, Zuul, Levi and Dottie. We used to have cats, but Lilly thought they were good for eating so there are no more cats outside.


If you can think of it, I can create it in glass and lead. I can also sort of keep a room of seventh graders mostly entertained for an entire hour–though my head hurts afterward and I keep having thoughts of nooses and duct tape over mouths…. When I can find my sewing machine, I make pretty cool outfits–I’m getting ready to make an opera cape circa 1890 for my husband(I’ve only promised it to him for 5 years now….) And I think entirely too much about how I might be able to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Events & Invasions

Big River Steampunk Festival 2016