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Toy Soldier Name

Nurse Gemenon


RioRancho, NM




CarriaMarlena, Goddess Divine, ScaryCarrie, MOM! and Damnitwoman

Enlistment date

2011-05-11 00:00:00

Special Skills

Daylight: Landscape design & Architecture, AutoCAD snob, landscaping blogger.

Moonshining, Moonwalking, & Moonlighting: costume design & creation, baking and decorating of confections; (large & small scale as well as Top Secret- for your tastebuds only), bellydance, delicious meal preparation, wicked cool music appreciator and if it is geeky and largely goes by an acronym- count that too.

WARNING: artistic tendencies, occasionally bursts in to song, trips over own shadow and probably yours too, enjoys spouting off movie lines which unfortunately doesn’t always relate to the current situation and has the make-upius maximus malady.

World of Warcrafting
Still unpacking (1 year later)
Reading and Watching- Game of Thrones
Trying to learn appreciation for The Three Stooges


I am a :
Girlfriend, Mom, Landscape Designer, artsy-craftsy project doer, sci-fi lover, fantasy reader, foodie, gemini, bellydancer, catalog “window” shopper, rose sniffer, coffee and tea drinker, dance in the rain (as long as I don’t have to get wet- hey, my mascara might run…) kind of person.

Events & Invasions

Coup de Mains: Complete
-Created FAIRE- Special Interest Division No.3
-Created Steel Fleet official patch design
-Indoctrinated family member into TSU

Operation: Rough and Tumble! Support Duke City Derby! ~PENDING~

-Hidden propaganda- bookstore
-Dropped some FAIRE & TSU propaganda in the CafeMom ‘Mamas Hips’ bellydance group forum