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    • Jeaneth

      Hello there!


      I suppose I’d better acquaint myself with  everyone, so I can get a foothold in what I can do to help build the Utopian Playland.


      Call me Emi or Jeaneth, either works. I live in the tiny province of Nova Scotia, Canada! Sadly, I’m not too sure if there’s a group of other Toy Soldiers here…But nonetheless, I’m happy to have joined the you! 


      I try to live every day by starting and ending happily, so I’m generally a friendly person. Just don’t irk me. You may lose a nose. Or hand.


      My dress sense is pretty plain. Jeans, Tee-shirt and a loose hoodie. Of course, I’m mistaken as a guy a lot because of this…But, hey, it can be cold here. I need the hoodie.

      I’d love to meet more of you guys here! Also, if there’s going to be a booth for the Toy Soldiers at Hal-Con of October this year, please tell me! I’d love to meet you c:



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