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Toy Soldier Name

J.F.C. Broken Loony


West Virginia, USA, North America, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way


Toy Soldier



Special Skills

+ Cooking (and Eating)
+ Writing
+ Reading (History, Fiction, New Age, Occult, etc)
+ Music (Appreciating and Creating, eclectic taste)
+ Gaming (Video, Computer, LARP, etc)
+ Art (Appreciating and Creating)
+ Plotting Domination (Local and Worldwide)


Toy Soldier ID # : TS35929

+ Escaped asylum ‘patient’
+ Currently hiding from her handlers among the ranks of the Army of Toy Soldiers.
+ Created the Spec Ops Division ‘P.S.I.O.P.S’ to help spread the word and love of the Toy Soldiers and the beloved, retired Dr. Steel while also channeling creative insanity into the minds of unsuspecting people.
+Surrender to insanity.

Events & Invasions

* TSOTW – 11 Sep 2011 – J.F.C. Broken Loony is Toy Soldier of the Week for her unrelenting and amazing efforts behind forming the new Special Operations division PSIOPS! Already she’s shown great determination and ingenuity in handling this audio brainwashing based Spec Ops.


+ Operation: Extended Network – Completed (Ongoing)
+ Operation: Magazine Reload – Completed (Ongoing)
+ Operation: Create Spec Ops Division – Completed (P.S.I.O.P.S)
+ Operation: Recruit New Members – Completed/Always Ongoing
*Members recruited: 4
+ Operation: Morgantown Zombie Walk 2011