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Toy Soldier Name

Brigadier Davis




Toy Soldier


Josh Davis

Enlistment date

2009-12-08 00:00:00

Special Skills

Metal working
Steam Engines (restoration/Maintinence)
Stone Masonry
Boogie Bugling
Expert bible thrower


On the Eighth of December 2009 my taste in music was completely revolutionised by a friend showing a Youtube Video put together by StarkRavenmadd, that video was Plant X Marks the spot, a little more digging bought me into direct contact with the Doc and his Ideas, and the rest as they say is History.

Forever TS29111

Under no circumstance allow Apothicary Chrysalice to give me any form of liquid, failure to observe this is culminate in a 6 hour stretch in A&E, an injured hand and a dented wall.

Events & Invasions

-ATTENDED- London Invasion 2010
-ATTENDED- TSU-UK Summit 2010
-ATTENDED- MCM Epo October 2010
-ATTENDED- DutchDay Drink 2010
-ATTENDED-(regretably) Col. Necro, Gothic wake 2011
-ATTENDED- Disney world dead mans chest 2011
-ATTENDED- Florida Ren-fair
-ATTENDED- MCM Expo May 2011
-ATTENDED- London Invasion 2011
-ATTENDED- Rumpus Invasion 2011
-ATTENDED- Slimelight Invasion 2011
-ATTENDED- MCM Expo October 2011
-ATTENDED- White Mischief Invason 2011
-ATTENDED- Battsea Park Fireworks Display 2011
-ATTENDED- Toymass Meal 2011
-ATTENDED- Toy solider day 2012
-ATTENDED- Brighton invasion 2012
-ATTENDED- MCM Expo May 2012
-ATTENDED- Toy soldier camp out 2012
-ATTENDED- MCM Expo October 2012

-14 Jun 2010 – Brigadier Davis is this weeks Soldier of the Week for his outstanding efforts in invasions in the London area as well as making a stellar flag that will draw attention and impress the masses. His drive and creativity inspires all.
-11 Oct 2010 – Brigadier Davis is this weeks Soldier of the Week for climbing a huge wall and planting his “Flag of Justice” Dr.Steel flag atop for all to see! He also left propaganda at the scene as he is always trying to help spread the word of Dr.Steel and support his fellow Toy Soldiers in the name of the Utopian Playland!!
-12 Feb 2012- Brigadier Davis is this week’s Toy Soldier of the Week for gathering an extensive list of places all over the internet for soldiers to find parts for their uniforms from Jackets to Hats! He spent a great deal of time gathering this information and continues to do so for the benefit of the army! We Thank and Salute you for helping us all find cool stuff!
-11 November 2012- During invasions, every Toy Soldier plays an important part, and Iron was nominated for Toy Soldier of the Week for his efforts in arranging accommodation for all the Toy Soldiers attending the MCM Expo in London just before Halloween.

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, and he did it brilliantly, sorting out comfy beds at the St. Christophers Village Inn at London Bridge, TSU-UK’s adopted Forward Operating Base so to speak.

Brigadier ‘I’ve got a spinning plate in my smoking pipe’ Davis, we the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

17 March 2013-This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is Brigadier Davis for making a great video for a new challenge he has proposed to his fellow Soldiers! Thank you for making this entertaining yet challenging video Iron! We hope many soldiers will participate in this fun contest!
*stamps FDC Approved*