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Toy Soldier Name

Sellsword Anthos The Scarlet Sorcerer


FIghting for freedom wherever there's trouble


Toy Soldier


Battlemage, Crimson Impulse, Troubadour

Enlistment date

2014-04-01 00:00:00

Special Skills

I am a teller of stories- a weaver of dreams! I can dance, sing and in the right weather I can stand on my head. I know seven words of Old High Gallifreyan, I have a little magic- and a trick or two. I know the proper way to meet a Decepticon, I can fight dirty but not fair… I once swallowed thirty pints of liquid Energon in a minute! I am not domestic, I am a luxury. And in THAT sense, neccesary!


Wouldn’t YOU like to know.