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Toy Soldier Name



Toy soldier

Enlistment date

2012-02-09 00:00:00

Special Skills

American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusion dancer


I was, and am, a fan of the Doctor. Love his ideas. I believe lots of evil in the world is born out of anger and frustration of unhappy people. We should learn how to make ourselves happy first, and you do that following your true nature. We need to find passion in our lives. Cultivate our sense of Beauty, practice some Art form ( not necessarily aiming to be great at it ), make room for Fun, and Toys, and Playing together. I’d like to think I’m a Toy soldier in the sense I want to be one of those who promote fun, Joie De Vivre, inspiration and creativity… and free use of Fantasy to change and mold your Life. It can be a battle, but it’s a worthy one :)

Events & Invasions

None, alas.