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Toy Soldier Name

Commodore, Erick Grimm


Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Toy Soldier


Timothy Vick

Special Skills

Physics Minor
Firearms Instructor
Horse Trainer (cavalry)
Martial Arts (primary swords both Western and Eastern)
Field Tracker
Paranormal Investigator
Trained in Preliminary Crime Scene Investigation
Zombie Outbreak Elimination Tactics and Apocalypse Survival



I am known as Erick Grimm, from Wisconsin.
To ask who is Erick Grimm is to ask what mood is he in today.
One day he is the professional bread winner for his family as a massage therapist. Another day he is a wannabee musician, still other days, he is a wacky inventor, swordsman, horse trainer, living historian, reenactor, paranormal researcher, avid boater and fisherman, hunter, firearms instructor…. the list goes on and on….
Now, he is a soldier in the Toy Army!
Feel free to stop by and chat with one of our many personality’s….

UPDATE: Woo Hoo…! As of August 2010 I have been told I’m nuts by a psychologist!

UPDATE: I am Division Leader Pro Tem, of the new 1492 International Nautical Division.

UPDATE: Currently I am heading the Wisconsin Chapter of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team and helping to begin a local chapter of the Zombie Squad.

UPDATE: New Division in Wisconsin! 1848 Badger Division of Wisconsin

UPDATE: Got my old Paranormal Investigations group re-booted! =D