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Yellow Jacket Techiefive!

  • Commander JET

    Techiefive for many years now has helped lead and orchestrate events in California! From annual theme park invasions to parades, he makes sure soldiers are getting together and having fun! His friendship to many soldiers has been described and positive, supportive and very appreciated. While doing all of this Techie has distributed propaganda for events to help spread the Toy Soldier community up and down the west coast.

    He participates online in contests, on the forums and social networks with positive reinforcement for his fellow Toy Soldiers!

    We give you this award to honor all your time and effort throughout the years and hope you will continue your most appreciated support!


  • Sgt. Dutch

    I expect to be seeing that patch on your next stream, young man! Congratulations

  • techiefIve

    Thank you for everything, Jet. It has been my pleasure to work alongside my fellow Toy Soldiers to bring about the Utopian Playland, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also congratulate all the soldiers in my Divisions that do the heavy lifting alongside me. The 1123rd’s┬áCaecilia Kolibri,┬áNurse Ch1z3l, B34R, and Sky Marshal Jonny B. Without them the events wouldn’t be anywhere near as FUN!

  • Captain Dermut


  • Congratulations Techiefive!!!

  • Silent Addle

    Congrats Techie!

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