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Yellow Jacket Stories

    • Sgt. Dutch

      We hope this thread can be a bit of inspiration for other Toy Soldiers, for those who received the Yellow Jacket award (either from Dr. Steel or recently from TSU), and wish to recount why they were awarded it.
      And it’s not just to inspire toy soldiers to earn Yellow Jackets. It’s also for everyone to become inspired to do more, not just for the Army, but for mankind and the world at large as well.

      So, which YJ like to start?

    • Evelfa

      Why don’t you start? :P

    • Well some one start the people wanna hear the storys

    • Evelfa

      Ok fine,

      I only actually joined just over 2 years ago, so you don’t have to be here forever before you can get the award.

      Luckily I’m based in London, and here in the UK it’s pretty easy to get all over the place and London is pretty central to where we do things, so that worked out nicely.
      First thing I went to as a Toy soldier was the London MCM May expo 2010, it was only small then, just a few people turned up. But then I went to the London invasion a few months later which was huge. That’s when I met most of the major players.
      I’ve always had a sense of responsibility and been pretty confident, just interested in meeting and chatting with everyone, I expressed interest in wanting to arrange things and help with organising stuff and that’s where it started.
      Just tell people that you’re interested in organising and they’ll appreciate the help, the other thing is making sure you actually do what you say you will, or saying “I can’t do that” if you can’t.

      So I guess the main thing I did was had a leading role in turning the Expo into one of our biggest invasions of the year, that was just all about organisation and communication, you can’t organise these things on your own and communication is key, let everyone know what’s going on and when. I had the help of Chrysalice, Monte, Dutch, JoB and Grimm doing various things.
      Also involved in the London invasion, me and Grimm tend to finalise the route to make sure it’s feasible because we both know London well.

      The first thing I did though was arrange an interview with independent film makers Spine TV, they wanted to make a 10 minute movie about what we do, which mainly I arranged, Dutch also helped with that (it was his originally, then life happened to him so he handed it to me :P ).
      Don’t ask what happened to that footage… After nearly 2 years I’m still chasing them up on it! >_< But the point is even you don't succeed, your willingness will be noted. And when you do get up there and arrange your own massive invasion, remember who did what and remember to mention them, it’s always nice when someone says “its awesome that you did this” and then you go “it wasn’t just me, these people helped out too” means those people get the recognition they deserved and you get noted down as wanting everyone to succeed! Everyone wins :D

    • Evelfa

      Hmm, TL;DR:
      Common sense, willingness to help, being realistic with what you can actually do, communication and making sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve will get you places

      I cannot express the importance of communication enough! O_O

    • *poke* im pretty sure we have more then 1 YJ

    • YJ Grimm

      My thing has been pretty much making myself useful to the Army. I organise various invasions and get togethers, book accommodation for those who need it, and enjoy putting soldiers up at my house. I’ve become a division leader and more recently a mod, giving advice and support to the people who run things as well as as many soldiers that need it.

      I’m also told I’m generally a nice person to know :)

    • Montee

      I am 43, I have a wife, three kids and the next paycheck is always already spent. We have no savings, no mortgage and we have spent well over

    • Pvt Morglum

      you the man montee!

    • Brigadier Davis

      Monte is the pure embodiment of Above and Beyond!

    • Geoff Nicholson

      I got stopped by airport security three times on the way back from a Disneyland Invasion. I took the opportunity to prop them about Doctor Steel. Between stops two and three, I told Doctor Steel (by way of Roman) about the positive experience with TSA agents.

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      I was one of the new inductees after Dr. Steel’s retirement. There were a slew of us last year, as the admins felt the Doc hadn’t done it in a while and we needed some catching up. :smile:

      How did I get to be a YJ? I’d say probably for always being willing to help, and thinking outside the box. I volunteered to help when General Aquino seemed to need assistance with the 1123rd SoCal division, eventually becoming his “lieutenant”, as it were. When he went AWOL, it fell to me to fill his shoes, and I did the job of running the Fibonacci Division for two years until a new leader was found.

      Shortly after joining, I realized that the demographics of the Toy Soldiers – despite what Dr. Steel said in his DVD – was skewed toward the younger generations. I wanted to have someplace to welcome older members, so I started the FOSSLs, the Fellowship of Older Steel Supporters and Listeners. I also started the Air Corps Elite (ACES), the Spec Op for those that were interested in aerospace (and those that joined unanimously agreed that if I was to lead the division, henceforth I should be known as “Sky Marshal” :cool:).

      When a few Toy Soldiers tried to get a new Wikipedia page for Dr. Steel, and it was summarily deleted by Wikipedia, I pitched in and soon found myself leading the charge to keep it in the encyclopedia, a campaign which was ultimately successful. I’ve gone on from there to be a respected editor on the subject of Steampunk and a chief moderator for pages pertaining to most of the major steampunk bands. (Btw there’s now a Toy Soldier page up now, as well!)

      A few years ago, I was reading a Readers’ Digest and there was an article about the Doo Dah parade here in Pasadena, CA, calling it “America’s best parade.” While I was familiar with the parade, it suddenly occurred to me that here was an event that was right up the Toy Soldiers’ alley; a celebration of wacky fun and creativity. And I thought, “Why have we not been doing this?!” So I entered us into the parade and got the local soldiers excited about participating, and now this will be our fourth year and we are considered “veteran crowd favorites” and are even a part of a museum exhibit there in Pasadena!

      I also got us a free table a few years ago at Pyrate Daze, where we showed a Dr. Steel tribute film which I had edited together – and we have been asked to return this year to Pyrate Daze/Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium and show the film again!

      All that, and I guess just being a “front man” for the organization, showing up at various events and being most noticeable with my outrageous attention-attracting uniform (which gets more outrageous at every event). And having a “can do” attitude, always wanting to be at every event I could and always willing to pitch in and help out, both in my home division and online.

    • Sgt. Mustache

      And I appreciate every effort you have made…truly going above and beyond for Doctor Steel and our fellow Toy Soldiers!

    • Kipling

      I joined the Army in 2009, just as I was midway through college and really just starting to explore my interest in photography. Fast-forward a year later, and I’ve got my first proper camera. I took it to all the invasions I went to, finding that I had a talent for documentation and being in the right place at the right time, really capturing a Toy Soldier invasion in a way that nobody had really been able to before.

      I take hundreds, if not thousands of photographs at any given event, and (all modesty aside) it’s because of me that the Army is able to enjoy and revisit the myriad of wonderful things we do. I help capture the hard work and dedication that my comrades put into an event, as well as the fun and happiness that comes along with it. Oh, and my photographs make good FB profile pics. :cool:

      Alongside that, I also contribute the occasional bit of digital art in the form of banners or desktop wallpapers. Go me!

    • Thanks for tell of your rise to Yellow Jacket Kip:P


      more stories please…NOW!!!

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      Well done, Kip, we need quality documentarians.

    • YJ Grimm

      *bump* *cough*? Come on Mayo, time to tell us your story now, and I’d like to hear from Mister Dark as well!

    • The Disgraced Dark

      Having been enlisted from just about the beginning, I had often dreamt of achieving the Yellow Jacket award. It pushed me to try a bit harder to create something that hadn’t been done before in the army. I was moderately successful with the robot costume I built for the 2011 Witch Hunt Invasion, and have enjoyed filming PSA materials. Having been made a moderator enabled me to compile a list of ideas and suggestions I had been working on for over two years. The list acts as a map for me, things to aspire to, programs to fold into, and projects to collaborate on. In all honesty I have done no more than is ever asked of any Toy Soldier. I use my imagination and creativity to enhance the happiness of others, and in doing so, build happiness in myself. The best thing about this is, there are no limits to the endlessness of imagination. I can only hope to continue to earn the honor and respect garnered with the initial awarding of Yellow Jacket.

      ~ The Incredible Yellow Jacket Dark

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      @The Incredible YellowJacket Dark said:
      In all honesty I have done no more than is ever asked of any Toy Soldier. I use my imagination and creativity to enhance the happiness of others, and in doing so, build happiness in myself.

      I think this is the universal experience of all YellowJackets. Well said.

    • Col. Canker Canison

      I received my YellowJacket after being a Toy Soldier for five months. I started a local division for Toronto, and the Propaganda Assistance Task Force. I wrote articles, made hand outs, made audio propaganda and completed dozens of missions. The thing that tipped the scale for me was apparently the snow stamp I made of the Dr. Steel logo.

    • I enlisted in March 2011, and hit the ground running. My main thing at first was my many many solo missions. I also created 2 divisions, Steel Fleet and RIDE. I basically never stopped, creating missions, contest, making videos, basically just did what i always do but just started doing it in the name of TSU. I think the big thing for me was the Rock and Shock con invasions. I just never let anything stop me and never cared about doing solo missions. Always making sure to get pics/vids to post up and just making fun my top priority.

    • YJ Sgt. Smitty

      Sorry….I know I’m absent for the most part due to life…but fyi I still lurk in the corners reading posts from time to time. lol


      YJ SGT Smitty reporting in.


      I was awarded my yellow jacket rank on toy soldier day 2008 for mainly two missions that ran the previous month.  I had already been a member since the beginning of the TSU and founded my division here in Knoxville, TN known as the Secret City Regional Toymakers (SCRT) in honor of Oak Ridge, TN right down the road where the atomic bombs used in WWII were developed.


      But anyways I’m digressing, the missions that I coordinated and ran were at the time I was a local DJ in the goth/industrial scene.  I took it upon myself to spin an entire night worth of nothing but Dr. Steel…with approval of the event promoter.  I had the doorman dress up in one of my extra uniforms and hand out propaganda to every customer that came in.  The doctor was already impressed with the success of that mission when the second one hit.


      I was also an interviewer for the online magazine REGEN which was all about electronic, industrial, etc. music and musicians.  I did an interview with the good doctor and in the 3 days it was up for the end of the month. It had already been made the most viewed article on the site with over 600 hits in those 3 short days.


      I came home and saw a fedex envelope sitting at my doorstep on toy soldier day.  and bam! YJ day was upon me. lol



      YJ SGT Smitty


    • YJ Grimm

      Good to see you Smitty. Also, that was really interesting :)

    • YJ Sgt. Smitty

      You too Grimm! It’s been far too long for me to be away.

    • Madelchai

      What did I do?


      What didn’t I do!

    • Captain Jack YJ

      A lot of really bad things happened all at the same time. And I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

    • YellowJacket CHAOS

      Many moons ago, in what seems a different lifetime, I found the good Doctor. I was moved by his music, enjoyed his videos, and soon enlisted in the Army of Toy Soldiers. It was October.

      I began my work of spreading the word of the Doctor, his music, and our shared vision of a Utopian Playland.


      InDecember of that year I began work on a gift for the Doctor for his holiday…Steelmas. I was inspired by his Steelmas video as well as the Toy Soldier Toy Drive. The result was the Steelmas Carols. I sent these to the Doctor for Streelmas. An artistic gift for one who had brought me happiness trough his art.


      Later these songs were posted on the old TSU. Some creative soldiers sang them in a YouTube video or two. One Canadian soldier and friend of mine decorated his Steelmas tree with a copy as well.


      Shortly after I was contacted by Kato (us old timers remember her well). She said the Doctor had received  my gift and wanted to reciprocate by making me a personalized Toy Solider ID. Shortly after I received the surprise of a lifetime in the mail in form the YellowJacket being bestowed upon me. 


      I had only been a Toy Soldier for three months. Something in my work touched the Doctor, just as his work had touched me.


      I went on to found the Special Op Order of the Red Beret (ORB). A charitable/social work centered special op. 


      I lived in California at the time and spoke with YellowJacket Mum often. I even had the honor of driving and watching over the Propaganda Mobile for a time.


      Now I am in Dallas, Texas. I still wear my original Toy Soldier uniform around town. While I am not as active in the new army, I am still out there. I wait, I watch, and I listen for the day when the Utopian Playland arrives. I spread the word of the man who was the Doctor and try to bring a bit of fun to the world.  


      The Doctor may be gone but he is not forgotten.


      YellowJacket CHAOS
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