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Yellow Jacket Silent Addle!

  • Commander JET

    Silent has also helped support and participate in the online Gaming Marathon tremendously. Blasting the word about it far and wide across every social network we know he got the charity a lot of traffic and attention. He has also made art and propaganda for many years, even made Toy Soldier beanie hats! Right now you can get one of his cool vintage posters in our Armory.

    Al has traveled throughout Europe in order to attend Toy Soldier events and support his fellow soldier. You can also find Silent Al in the chat room, Facebook or on the forums and he will for sure be there to help a soldier out and guide them in the right direction.

    We give you this award to thank you for your ongoing creativity and support!


  • Oh gods, YOU TOO?!?!?!

    Congratulations Silent Addle!!!! fest30_gif

  • Lt. Sophie

    And of course, congrats from me as well. Although you already know this.

    PARTY! lol

  • Captain Dermut

    Congratulations to both of you!

  • Sgt. Dutch


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