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Yellow Jacket Scouter715

  • Commander JET

    Since the inception of Toy Soldiers Unite we have had many great podcasts, video channels, etc.. But Scouter715 has gone above and beyond in maintaining his podcast for many years now. He has become an independent legend and spend countless hours building and posting them for us all to enjoy. Entertaining and informative you can find out a lot about Toy Soldiers Unite by listening to them.

    He also is present on the forums and on social networks always jumping in to support and share posts as well as participate in the annual online gaming marathon!

    Scouter we give you this award in appreciation of your years of enthusiastic podcasts and your overwhelming support!


  • Captain Dermut


  • Sgt. Dutch

    Congratulations Scouter. I expect one hell of an acceptance speech on your next podcast :P

  • Scouter715

    Guess you have to listen to find out :P

  • Congratulations Scouter!

  • Silent Addle

    Well done Scouter!

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