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Writing Exercise: Micro Stories

    • Prof. Magnus

      There is a story about Ernest Hemingway, which says he was bet ten dollars he could not write a story in six words. Accepting the challenge, he penned on a napkin the following:

    • Ooh interesting challenge….
      I did a few.

    • Captain Dermut

      “Two eggs, one glass of milk, a dishcloth to close, flames burn love”

      “Waiting for nothing, something to hope for received as deserved and nothing more”

      “Friendship is scrap metal with a thin layer of chrome”
      (OK, that last one ain’t mine but a line from a dutch song from the ’80’s I translated, but I think it fits.)

    • Capt. A Neptune

      – He waited, she didn’t come back.

    • Flare by N-N-E

      He came, he saw, he fainted.


      Anachronical cake saves lives, slightly used.


      Superhero James, sometimes barks, usually snores.


      Am I doing this right?

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