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    • Meticulac

      There’s quite a few a read, so I figure it’d make sense to talk about a bunch in one thread! I’ll try to talk more generally about them later, but for now I just feel like writing introductory statements about a bunch of them of them.

      To start off, Guilded Age is a fantsy webcomic that concluded a while back, and is currently going through the entire series a second time with commentary! It was popular enough that they considered extending it further, but some people, me included, were really interesting in seeing a webcomic actually wrap up its story, which doesn’t happen very often. Maybe they’ll do something else with it down the road, though for now I’d say it’s a great read from start to finish. The comments section on it was always fun, with post pages having a thread dedicated to throwing as many puns around as possible.

      Speaking of fun comment sections, Awful Hospital: Seriously The Worst Ever is an interactive comedic horror I’ve been having a great time with! Lots of nice weird biological monsters, and so far we’ve committed pretty well to making friends with most of them! Right now, though, we’re trying to get our main character and company in fighting shape so we can face a new set of tougher, meaner enemies without being instantly squashed.

      And on the subject of comedic horror, A Ghost Story covers the day to life of a couple who live in a setting where ghost extermination is a highly professional and regulated activity, and make a living doing the shoddy back-alley version of it. It’s got a really nice system for how its different ghosts tend to work, your mindless horror machines, classy vampires who need to drink blood to keep their composure, and other undead! The living characters are pretty sweet too.

      Any hey, while I’m at it, here’s another spooky-time comic in the form of Wonderlust, a comic mostly concerning the Halloween adventures of a girl and and the cat-like thingy that seems to represent some guiding aspect of her mind. Another comic by the same author, Intrepid GIrlbot, is also very nice, and while it’s on indefinite hiatus I’m hoping its website at least gets put back online.

      Mind-aspects play an even bigger role in Alpha Flag, a comic about a diver who ends up in a very strange place! Very creative use of maritime signal flag patterns, names, and meaning.

      With Snipe Hunt!, you’ve got the current iteration of a series of comics about hunting for cryptids, starring self-inserts of the author and several of his friends. It’ll eventually get more into cryptozoology, though for now the main arc going on is a masked wrestling drama! There’s also superheroes.

      And Beeserker is a comic about a robot powered by bees, the scientists that made it, and the beekeeper who supplies their bees. A lot of silly things happen in it!

      There’s other comics I keep up on, but I’ll talk about them later, probably when I have something more specific to say about them.

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