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WoD Brainstorming Session

    • J.F.C. Broken Loony

      This thread was created as a duplicate to the post in the FB GAME Group Page. Basically we are exploring what time periods and/or genres you, the players, would want to play. The following is a list of suggested time periods:

      1.) Ancient Times – City of Alexander, Egypt. A Greek founded city. Depending of the time it isn’t Roman but it’s not Carthage, but it’s big enough to have w/e you want. And if players wanted to own ‘smaller towns’ they could find them near by.

      2.) Medieval times somewhere in the Balkans really. The fighting between the Omen wars between the Tzimsice and the Tremere (vampires) are to epic not to witness. and you also have a confluence of cultures between Christian Europe and Ottoman Middle East. Not to mention you have a bunch of different cultures, and armies are constantly moving through giving possible story issues.

      3.) Victorian Era / Steampunk – A Good City to consider perhaps would be Singapore. Say 1890. It is a Major British City, but the French Colony of Indo China, and the German New Guinea are near by so you can have all sorts of Europeans there, as well as also being in the South Pacific. This allows you to also have a Beast Courts (Hengeyokai) presence and the Asian Kuei-Jin (vampires). Basically having it be in Singapore allows for both Asian goodness, European goodness, and Steampunky goodness….so it gives a lot of room to expand.

      4.) In modern times I’d say a city like Seattle, West Coast. Gives a great ‘dark and dreary’ feeling. But it’s near some great wilderness so the werewolves can really get into it. BUT since its on the east coast it gives great justification to Asian themes like Keui-Jin or the Beast Courts for being over there. And where as San Diego and Los Angeles kinda of have Mexican or desert vibes. Seattle is pretty neutral and i think to have a big city with out all the issues L.A. presents.

      Any other suggestions are welcome. Let the brainstorming BEGIN!!

    • Seargent Grue

      I’d love to do a masquerade game set in Johannesburg myself. Western vampires and Laibon squaring off, this can be set in modern day as well.

      Oh, and Doctor Steel is definately an Etherite. Annunaki=Technocracy :-P

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