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Why are you here.

    • Tells us whats your reason for being a Toy Soldiers?

    • It’s very simple for me. Fun, and if your not having fun your doing it wrong.

    • Azrael-99

      to be myself, have fun, be with fun people without prejudiced

    • *bump*

      To have one hell of a good time with some truly amazing people, and use my unique talents to make the world a better place while doing it!

      Best Wishes and Demon Infusions,
      – Dr. Sheilagh R. Elfinstone, D. Pr. M

    • Well , you see , when i first watched a doctor steel video it was “back and forth ” and i thought shit this is totally fucked up im gona continue my search for new music . But for the week after i couldnt stop thinking about it so i decided to go back and listen to a few more songs , and i thought heck why not get his discography . and more and more as i lisend to his music heard lyrics about what i think on socioty , about what i think about the suposed “crazy” people , so more and more i related to his words , And then i hear things about the annunaki and the illuminai with for the past 3 years has been a major part of my life , i may have left school but i continue to study many things they would never teach in those asylums . i thought NO WAY , this guy cannot get any cooler , THEN ! i actually got to see a few of his videos that arnt just music videos but exposing ideologys , and his views and even my brother who was sitting next to me when i was watching “insanity” said dam that guy just took the words out of my brain that i could never say in that particular way .
      So the way this man is exposing socioty to a young generation who loves to flap and swim around in ignorance is absolutely wonderfull . And the way he exposes socioty and ancient secrets and then goes on to tell about a new way of the world .. Witch to me is the natural way , chasing the morning living to live and breath . Enjoying our selvs . The rest of the animals dont know talk or think about how they are going to die one day , they live each day in the moment , have adventures and fun .

      this is why i am here , because if there is an army out there dedicated to exposing hidden knowledge and spreading fun about the world .. Then i WILL be part of that army .. never thought i would say that sentence . i highly oppose the army :P but this is just on a hole other level that im absolutely inthralled with

    • hell yeaah man , would never put any one down on here were al united ;D

      to be myself, have fun, be with fun people without prejudiced

    • Nurse Imbri

      In the before-time I joined because a crazed propaganda-monger (read one of my oldest and dearest friends) invaded my home computer and said “This is awesome, you must see Dr. Steel!” In short-order I was head Nurse of his budding regiment… Then things got crazy at work (literally, you see I work in the Psych ward) and I lost touch with the meaning of fun, friendship and Utopian Playlands… now I am back just in time for a move to a new state with the ambition of meeting people there who aim to have a darn good time!

    • MarleyCupcake

      o.O’ One minute I was surfing the internet and next thing I knew I was dancing with robots and a hamster had burrowed his way into some cupcakes I apparently baked.

      …Why does everything taste purple?

    • Anonymous

      I am here because Reality Engineering brought me here. And robots. And cookies. Oh, creativity, yes, that too, and steampunk. Actually, I’ve been a Toy Soldier so long I forgot what brought me here. :LOL:

    • I’ve been a soldier for about a year now, though I don’t always post much. It’s all about fun, cookies, robots, and I like the Doc’s music, too. Even with out him, the mission of spreading fun and happiness continues.

    • YJ Grimm

      It was originally hearing the good Doctor played at my friends’ DJ nights. Always wanted to join but never had the courage to. met Monte and he dragged me out for a drink and a poster plastering session one TS day loooong ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. Came for the sexy music, stayed for the sexy friends <3

    • There once was a crazy alien from Planet 3 hell bent on adding the Earth to his planet collection. This alien had a nice chat with the fine doctor in one of his videos. Then it was just a matter of going down the virtual rabbit hole so to speak, and here I am. (This video if you were wondering.)

      As for the reason I continue to be here is because of the people, the fun and the message.

    • Jade Valor

      the reason i am here….well Dr.Steel has filled me with awe….i want to help with what i can…i am still not used to being social. but i have stayed secluded and alone for a long time lost in my own world. now that i know im not the only crazy one i want to help and DO something to help others dreams!

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