Why are peoples forum posts so low?

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Why are peoples forum posts so low?

    • I have been on a couple of different forums, but peoples post count here in the Digital Bunker is frighteningly low. On other threads people who have been there a long time have tens of thousands of posts, and the moderators are at something like 50k+. Here only a couple of people are over a thousand. On the forum I have with the lowest post count (With the exception of TSU) I’m currently at 900. I hope that it gets more active.

    • Sgt. Dutch

      I will add the same reply here as I did when you contacted TSU-HQ:

      The forums tend to go through a bit of seasonal levels of activity, during summer less active, during winter more. We can probably put this down to a variety of reasons, but it also comes down to the shifting nature of the internet where there’s been more focus on social networks rather than older forms of communication like forums in recent years.

      Toy Soldiers Unite has been around for 10 years, during which time regardless of the amount of people who register on a site, forums have become less of a centrepoint for communication online. The official toy soldiers unite facebook group is always popping though, and there’s a steady group of regulars in the IRC chat. I myself am logged in there 24/7.

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