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When does the narwhal bacon?

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When does the narwhal bacon?

    • Agent Nycto
    • Agent Nycto

      For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful website, a beginners guide-

      Reddit is both amazing and powerful. You can subscribe to various topics (called subreddits) where people will post links to other websites, images, or text that pertains to that subject. Everyone who views the links can comment on them as well.

      This would be boring, but every link and comment can be voted on, as to whether or not it contributes to the topic at hand. The more upvotes you get, the more karma you get. The more downvotes you have, the less karma you have. Posts with high enough upvotes make it to the front page where everyone can see them.

      This website is second only to 4chan in creating memes and having a huge influence over internet culture.

      See where I am going with this? We post things about The Army of Toy Soldiers, and if we can upvote it high enough, suddenly thousands of people are brainwashed at once.

      You may laugh evilly now.

    • Anonymous

      Genius! 8-O


    • Mr. Bastian

      Midnight, yo.

    • Professor Falconer

      Always midnight. Never before. Never after.

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