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What the hell do I do

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What the hell do I do

    • Brigadier Davis

      Too many ideas swirling around my head, its making it kind of hard to concentrate on one thing. 
      Not just with writing things but things I want to make and things I want to create.


      But this does seem to be manifesting itself particularly when I make an attempt to write something. I currently have three ideas for stories running around inside my head, every time I make any kind of attempt to write anything down for any of them ideas for the other two will crop up. In fact the third tale is entirely based around the concept of half finished and incomplete stories. 

      Any of you lovely lot got any kind of tricks or techniques for staying focused?

    • Geoff Nicholson

      No, not really. And I think that’s a good thing. Write the ideas that come to you, write them all down. Edit later. I think it was a Hemmingway quote: “Write Drunk, Edit Sober.”

      I have a similar malestrom of ideas in my head and I write them all down. Later when I come back to them I expand on the ones which make sense, and copy the ones which do not into a ‘dead file’. The hooks or stories in the dead file may lie for aeons unknown, or may rise once again when I review the file on occasion to look at ideas I had.

    • Being as far into my novel as I am I force myself to work on that with the only exception being poetry. It’s hard and requires some willpower, but I need to keep going on my main project or it will never be finished!

    • Lt. Sophie

      I sort my thoughts through writing them down, creating tables and pictures (not talking about mind mapping here). I create order where there is none inside my head. Being a very visual person, I need to see things in order to understand and think further. I sometimes even switch to drawing/painting in order to find the right words to continue.

      This is how I can focus on ideas, and help myself to work on them. Doesn’t work for everyone though.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      While I generally advise to take “How to Write” articles, even ones from writers, with a liberal dose of salt… Sometimes there are gems in them.

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