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Welcome to Summoner's Rift!

    • Sergeant Larks

      So who else plays League of Legends? Here’s a thread to discuss strategies, favorite champs, and, if you like, your Summoner Name so you can connect with other Toy Soldiers.

      I’ll start with my two favorite champions. First is Udyr, because his Phoenix stance is just too awesome. I jungle with Udyr and get a minimum of 7 kills a game, usually only 3 deaths.

      Next is Cho’Gath. AP Build, because after you get 6 Feast stacks, it’s redundant to build Health on him. Throw some Armor and Magic Resistance on him and he’s a really serious tank that can dish out some serious damage.

    • Nuvasuper TS#40315

      Hello There! I love Urgot, Nocturne, and Ziggs. Urgot gives you so much slow and range that it feels great. Nocturne gets darkness and lots of cc. Ziggs throws bombs, and that is enough for me :D

      SummonerName: Nuvasuper

    • Frajic

      Oy! I play the game from time to time. I don’t have much of a main champion, but I’ve taken a liking to Kassadin. Three words…

      Riftwalk. Riftwalk. Riftwalk.

      My summoner name’s PyrateGames.

    • Aym

      Summoner name is Aymish. I just started, so I don’t have a favorite champion yet but I have been using Ryze quite a bit with the Berserker’s Greaves, Ionic Spark, Archangel’s Staff and whatever else I manage to get built before the game ends.

      Ionic Spark’s chain lightning effect stacks really well with a fully upgraded Spell Flux for nuking large groups of minions or creep farming. The biggest drawback is he’s pretty fragile. Is their a build calculator anywhere?

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