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Webcomic Artist Required!

    • Kraken

      Hey yo.

      So I spent some time over the past couple of months planning out a webcomic idea, and plotting with an artist I had back then as to what kind of designs I wanted and suchlike. Unfortunately, her commitments overwhelmed her, and we had to part ways. With luck, she’ll end up being a famous actress and that’d be pretty awesome.


      This basically means I need a new artist to collaborate with. The theme of the would-be comic is dark humour – extremely dark at points, as it draws on Lovecraft quite heavily – but just cartoonish enough that it’s not overly realistic. Ideally, I’d be looking for a comic-quality artist; not, like Marvel/DC quality but someone who can make a scene look nice and draw consistently. Rob Liefeld and Pat Lee need not apply. :P

      Anyway, give the idea a look-over, and if you like the sound of it, post here, preferably with a sample of your art!

      Thanks guys,


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