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Wasteland Boy – Chapter 16

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Wasteland Boy – Chapter 16

    • Gilbert

      Chapter 16

      The Hand That Feeds You


      Clyde held his breath, eyeing the man who took him in. It was the same man that he has seen twice before. The first time, the man bought him, the second time, the he offered Clyde mercy at the cost of others. The man grinned and walked over to Clyde slowly, not breaking eye contact. His eyes stared Clyde down in a condescending manner. It felt like a scary silent game, one that Clyde didn’t want to lose. He tried to pull a poker face and stare right back into the man’s eyes, but his weak attempts could not hide his nervousness. The man chuckled, sensing his obvious power, even over a cold-hearted kid. He sat on the edge of the bed and smiled in a way that was supposed to look warm. Clyde couldn’t help but grimace at the awful tobacco scent that seemed to float around the man like his own nasty atmosphere. Clyde’s new caretaker began talking first. He introduced himself as Carl Sanchez. As he had pointed out, the same initials could be used for his factory and bar, the Clockworkers’ Sin.

      “I am already ninety six, you see,” Clyde saw that very well “I will be dead in a couple years.”

      Clydes’ eyes widened. Carl chuckled and bobbed his head at the absurdity of it. He seemed like a sly man, but he wasn’t the type to lie. Not the type to joke either. Carl stood up and paced around the room, talking partially to himself.

      “You are here because I said I would make you my apprentice. Eh, how old are you?” Clyde held up his hands, showing a one and a three. ”Alright, well, I suppose it didn’t really matter. You will have about four years to become the next Carl Sanchez.”

      Clyde was not too excited by that idea. He remembered the deal he made, but he had to do it under a gun. Carl saw his concern.

      “It’s for your own good. You simply won’t survive here otherwise. Consider it both a blessing and a curse, Clyde Shanks. You will have an education, all skills necessary to be a leader like myself and you will have the power to polish those skills. ” He returned to his seat near Clyde. “What do you say?”

      Clyde cleared his throat “Do I actually get a choice?”

      Carl laughed and stood up. He stopped by the door and exclaimed “No.” Before making his exit.


      Clyde relaxed on the bed again, looking up into the ceiling. Just how did things get so complicated? His philosophical process was interrupted by Margos return. She announced that Master Sanches expected him to breakfast tomorrow morning. A neatly folded stack of clothes was placed onto a chair near Clyde and the maid made her way out.

      “Wait!” The maid peeked back into the room “Is the girl awake yet?”

      “No Sir. However I assure you that we will be alert and ready for it.”

      Clyde thanked the maid and slid down on his pillow. The last thing he felt before falling into another deep sleep, was the shift and rustle of the bed sheets as Margo tucked him in.


      Dear readers, if you enjoy this monthly story, go ahead and PM or comment me suggestions for characters and plot developments. I would be glad to read and put your ideas into it.


    • Lt. Sophie

      Hey mate, I just wanted to give you a heads up since nobody ever really responds to these. xD
      I really enjoy reading your Wasteland Boy chapters, so I hope you can keep it up for as long as you enjoy it. The numbers show that quite a few people are reading, actually. 

      So yeah, good job, and keep them coming. :)

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