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Voice actor

Kromina Sofya Art

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Voice actor

    • Lt. Nomad

      Hello everyone!

      I am looking for someone to voice act in the Nomad show! you need two things first, One is facebook messenger. And two is to do this without pay. It doesn’t matter what gender or how you sound I just need someone to help voice someone in the Nomad Show. Please message me if you are interested and have a good day or night!

    • Scouter715

      Let me know what you need

      • Lt. Nomad

        So about…



        a voice actor

        some cake

        an axolotl

        what? you asked what I needed? ^-^ (jokes) I just need a voice that can be somewhat serious when the time is needed.

    • Scouter715

      Can not do the 900$ maybe in TSU money.

      I can be your friend

      I do podcasts so that counts for something

      Is a lie

      Dont know what that is.

      Just PM me your personal stuff how I can reach you.

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