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    • Geoff Nicholson

      There are other threads dedicated to fiction, but how about one dedicated to the lyrical epigrams what us WRITErs create? So here is the place to put your Poems, your Songs and your other verses.

    • Nobody

      Sunset shedding the spectrum
      upom the settled pond
      reflected to your retina.

      Vision sends you a quiver.
      Sends it through your nerves.
      Perception shows the avalanche.

      Lotus Star Flower,
      I rotate around your astral field.
      Power, purity
      all embroidered in your perfect chemistry.

    • Flare by N-N-E

      A work-in-progress:


      King`s prayer:


      Give me strength to carry on

      One more decade ‘neath the sun

      For a lifetime I have toiled

      Let me now enjoy it`s spoils


      Give me strength to carry trough

      For a century or two

      To but taste what passed me by

      In a lifetime lived in lie


      Give me strength to see it all

      Just some thousands years more

      To see all that’s good or bad

      To see what place my life has had


      After this, o Mighty Lord,

      Give me strength to leave this world

      Whether I be born again

      Neath new sun and sky and air

      Whether nothingness awaits

      Let me go, without regrets.

    • Death by Music

      Well, someone actually wanted to challenge my ability to write lyrics, so I wrote this thing and HE (Better? :P ) told me it would be cool to post it here. 


      Toy Soldiers, we will fight.
      Plastic people, we unite.
      Utopia is what we seek,
      overcoming hills that seem too steep.

      Fight the evil!
      With our guns!
      Made of plastic,
      but it’s fun.

      Toy Soldiers, we will fight,
      plastic people, we unite.
      March to the sound of our drum,
      with the power of imagination.

    • Minion

      I’m a he, not a she :P Still love that though :3

    • For A Friend

      If this is truly love, then let the curtain fall,
      Smother the injury, and drown the siren call.
      You harm yourselves with love, and yet feign ecstacy,
      Enslave yourselves for cheap, and mourn once you are free.
      Complain to all who care, your language tired and dull,
      My urge to carve the word, freedom upon your skull.
      Wipe away the pity, from ever crying eyes,
      Cease the endless chatter, of secrets and of lies,
      Blame yourself no longer, reclaim your tarnished pride,
      And be my friend restored, here with me by my side.

    • Minion

      A friend told me to write about a child and ice cream because I never write happy things, here’s the result! My second attempt at poetry too. 

      Ice cream


      To the beach I went

      For ice cream I was sent


      I gazed upon the cone with delight

      Ice cream melting in the summer light


      My anticipation grew

      A child walking towards the dune


      I sat upon the sandy ground

      My eyes perfectly round


      I ate it all

      Even the cone


      From the beach I went

      For ice cream I had been sent

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