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VeeVee’s Sandusky Double-Infiltration Weekend Extravaganza

  • I have been spending the weekend 3.5 hours away from home in Sandusky, OH in order to attend ColossalCon, and to visit Cedar Point.  The convention just ended today, and I will be visiting the amusement park tomorrow, with another update either late tomorrow night, or Tuesday.

    First, I will start of by saying that the convention was excellent.  There were many people there, and I was very impressed with some of the cosplays.  Of course, I spent the whole 4 days of the convention in my TSU uniform, and I also came prepared with some small fliers, business cards, and manifestos to hand out.  There were several people at the convention that either recognized me as a Toy Soldier, or said that they liked Dr. Steel’s music.  I even ran into two fellow soldiers there.  One was in uniform, and the other was a merchant that wasn’t wearing his TSU uniform (and hasn’t been active in the army since the Doc retired, but it was still nice to talk with him).

    I also took a good portion of my Nerf arsenal to the convention with the intent of spending time in their Nerf arena to play their zombie survival game.  However, I found out that it cost $10 per session this year, so I only participated once.  I also left all my darts at the hotel after learning that the event organizers would fill our empty clips free, but any darts we bring would be “donated” to them at the end of the game instead of returned to us.

    I attended some interesting panels during the convention, mostly relating to Japanese weapons (with the hilarious Samurai Dan and his wife Jillian as the panelists), as well as panels regarding Japanese horror, and various “semi-serious” discussions about anime including heroic themes and mythology in anime and video games, racial issues in video games, Japanese urban legends, Japanese food, etc.  And then there was the hilarious Tea Time with Deadpool panel, as well as the previous night’s “Pre-Tea Time”. I’m surprised the con officials didn’t kick us out. XD

    The highlight of the convention for me was attending a Q&A with the voice actor Billy West, as well as having the opportunity to receive an autograph and a photo with him.  He’s an awesome person.  He was extremely friendly and sincere with the audience, as well has having a fun and upbeat personality.

    Anyway, photo time!  Some of my photos came out blurry, since my digital camera isn’t the best.

    Suplies at base camp (hotel):


    Me Saluting outside the Convention Center Entrance:


    So I heard you like mudkips…


    Mr. Billy West!


    Found a kindred spirit! It makes me happy to see that I wasn’t the only one there. :)


    This is all I have now.  More will be sure to follow when I hit Cedar Point tomorrow.  I’m just hoping the weather holds out, since the report calls for scattered showers and possible thunderstorms.

  • Commander JET

    Thank you for the Fantastic Report VeeVee!

    I have added some of your photos to our gallery!! You look great and like you were having fun!! :D

    So glad to see you had a good weekend!  *salutes* :cool:

  • New update!  It’s about 2:15 am Eastern time, and I just got home from Cedar Point about an hour ago, unpacked, and showered the “amusement park filth” off of me (rain, sweat, bug spray, general dirt/filth etc…).

    And what, exactly, did I do at Cedar Point?


    The weather wasn’t the greatest today, but that actually worked out to my advantage.  Since it rained during the early part of the day (and because it was a Monday), there weren’t nearly as many people in the park as there normally are on a weekend.  Also, I swear the mosquitoes that infested the park were as big as some of the rides. Confused  However, I didn’t let a little rain and hoards of giant blood-sucking fiends ruin my fun.

    I have here a couple photos from the park.  Since it was raining, I had to break out my coat (the rain still soaked through it), and changed into a dry set of clothing I had on hand, so my TSU uniform is not visible in any of the pictures.  My friend purchased some on-ride photos of us on both the Millennium Force and Gatekeeper.  Hopefully I can borrow them soon and scan them into the computer to upload here.

    At the brand-new front gate of the park:


    Here’s the font gate from a distance.  Yes, a roller coaster DOES go through the towers in the top of the front gate. Both the Gatekeeper and the park gate are brand new this year, and I got to ride in the front seat of the coaster today! Cool  Also, the flying swings you see in the background are 300 ft. tall, and very fun to ride. Smile  It was so foggy/rainy early in the day that you can’t see the 420 ft. coaster that’s normally visible miles away from the park.


    The weather cleared up a bit later, so I was still able to get a shot of the giant 420 ft., 120 mph Top Thrill Dragster.  The line for it was only 30 minutes today.  Of course, I had to ride it.  You can also see the park’s drop tower in the photo.  It’s 300 ft. tall, and also fun.


    I got so wet from the rain that I had to grab a change of clothes from the car as soon as the sun started peeking through the clouds.  Also, I won a squid. It was getting late, which messed with the photo quality of my friend’s camera phone.


  • Sgt. Dutch

    Fantasic work, Veevee! You obviously had a brilliant time!


    Btw. You’ve got a squid on your head.

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