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Utopian Deskland!

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Utopian Deskland!

    • #1 – To a Utopian Deskland

      Toy Soldier Grey, Toy Soldier Yellow and Toy Soldier Black arrived Thursday 8-8-2013 from their trip across the sea. They have started exploring my desk, the items on it and they will probably end up toying with them, and/or destroying them….

      I will use this topic to update you all on their progress to create their own Utopian Deskland!

      To a Utopian Deskland! 

      (not sure where I should place this, so please move to appropriate area of the bunker…)

    • #2 – What’s This? What’s That?

      Right from the start they where interested in my tools, and what things I was doing during the day. Did I get three nosy “made in Britain” Toy Soldiers Sergeant Dutch had to get rid of?


      Grey was very interested in my soldering aid magnifying glass, but Black was more interested in the dart’s suction nap. Yellow got crazy and climbed my clamp tool. He somehow managed to get himself clamped, had to help the poor fellow out.

    • #3 – Meeting Mr. Rubik’s

      The Toy Soldiers found my Rubik’s cube in a corner of my desk and went to introduce themselves. They are neighbours after all…

      Well… That escalated quickly…

      Apparently Rubik’s didn’t like the color of Grey and started an argument… Before I could ease them down, they brainwashed Rubik’s, who now thinks he is a spiraling staircase.

      I will get him back to his senses in the end, but I’m afraid it will take some time to solve his little puzzle…

    • Capitaine Moustache

      Nice pictures ;)

      You’re making a scenario and then the stop motion film too ?

    • Not planning on it, but it might be something that could happen in the future :P 

    • #4 – Experiments

      What kind of diabolical experiments have they gotten into now? Apparently the Toy Soldiers found out how to operate my power supply, and hooked a Toy Story plushy to it…

      Is this some kind of mind control experiment? I’m not sure…

    • #5 – Oh crap! They’ve found my beer…

    • I know Sgt. Dutch has warned me about Rum, but I couldn’t prevent it…

      #6 – Release the Kraken!

      My roommate brought a bottle of rum… That was a big mistake. Soldiers Grey and Yellow quickly confiscated the bottle and a glass…

      Yellow has had enough…

    • Brigadier Davis

      Reminds me of a former scene by the notorious TS_Ugly

    • #7 – To Boldly Go…

      Oh no! The Toy Soldiers further explored my room and found my U.S.S. Enterprise toy…

      These are the voyages of the toy Starship Enterprise, it’s continuing mission to spread propaganda and fun, to seek out new ways of mind control, to boldly go where no Toy Soldier has gone before!


    • #8 – “Deanna Troy crashed it!”

      I heard a loud crash sound, went to investigate, this is what I found…

      Yellow: “It was the Borg!”
      Black: “No, the Klingons!”
      Grey: “Deanna Troy crashed it!”

    • #9 – A tragic PlayStation accicent.

      The Toy Soldiers, myself and a friend were enjoying a game of Crash Team Racing on my PlayStation 2…

      The game just finished, and then it was Black’s turn, he was halfway through the 2nd lap…

      … At 21:15 (GMT +1, DST) something terrible happened!

      The controller slipped from my monitor stand, and fell down on the Brave Soldier Black… 

      I am sad to announce that Toy Soldier Black has died on impact, he will surely be missed….

      R.I.P. Toy Soldier Black…

    • Well, it’s been a while, and the Toy Soldiers weren’t happy with that…

      #10 – Punishment

      The Toy Soldiers are not happy with me, they blame me for being lazy not documenting their efforts to create a utopian deskland… I tried to reason with them, and promised I would document some more adventures soon, but they did not take that well..

      I went to Walibi Holland with some friends, and somehow the Toy Soldiers managed to hitch a ride in my backpack. When we where walking through a wild-west section they took their chance:

      They jumped out my backpack and started pushing me towards a pillory, and locked me into it…

      Well, I learned my lesson, do not get these Toy Soldiers annoyed with you…  

    • Capitaine Moustache

      Bad luck gonzo got trapped !

      Toy soldiers, that’s enough ! You have some glitches in your system, because that’s not a utopian playland, now stop !


      I hope this will somewhat change their mind ;)

    • #11 – NERF War

      Toy Soldiers Black and Yellow got into an argument with Toy Soldier Grey, things heated up fast, and the foam guns where aimed at each other…

      An epic battle ensued, and salvo after salvo was fired. But, with Toy Soldier Grey packing more firepower, the battle was a bit unevenly matched. Toy Soldier Yellow got hit, and died on the battlefield.
      Black, now nearly out of ammo, trying his best to fire another shot at Grey.

      With all his ammo gone and no chance of getting out alive, Toy Soldier Black raised the white flag to surrender…

      Grey declares victory!

    • #12 – Toy Soldier Disco

      Toy Soldiers Yellow, Black and Grey went dancing to the music!

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