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Updates to the Division pages

  • Sgt. Dutch

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings comrades!


    After several weeks of hard toil and being fed purely on caffeine and sugar, codemonkey Engineer Airhead has brought a much needed update to the way the Digital Bunker handles divisions.

    The division page is now far more responsive, and has a much smoother look about it.

    This is the first of several changes happening to the Digital Bunker, as it gets updated and we dump old and useless code & plugins. Below is a brief instructional and reminder for Division Leaders and their moderators.

    How to manage your Division on Toysoldiersunite.com

    After an Administrator has set up the Division page for you, they’ll assign you the position of Division Leader.

    Go to the Divisions page, and select your division from the correct section (Local, Special Interest and Special Operations). Here you can see the Division Logo, who the division leader(s) and moderator(s) are, the description, and division members.

    Clicking on the description will open the edit form, allowing you to add or remove text, insert links, images, and more (please don’t go overboard with video’s or photo’s).

    Below the Division description, you will see the members list. Division Leaders will be able to see three icons below every member. Remove, Op, and Ban.
    Remove will eject the toy soldier from the division.
    Op will assign Division moderator status to the member (below the division leader) and will give them the exact same capabilities as the Division Leader (it’s just in case they go on holiday or are indisposed).
    Ban will permanently remove the member from joining the division, and prevent them from re-applying. However, that’s not ever likely to be needed.

    At the bottom of the Division is a wide button, slightly faded out, allowing one the capability of leaving the Division if desired. If someone is not part of a Division, this turns into the ‘Join Division’.

    Joining a division is now automatic, and does not require the Division leader or moderator to accept or reject new recruits. However, all division members are encouraged to use the associated forum thread/section, as it’s the first point of contact for all Toy Soldiers.

    Divisions are now properly divided by their status (Local, Spec. Ints. and Spec. Ops.), and at the top section you’ll see what divisions you are a member of.

    As updates are put through the system, the private messaging, profiles, and photo albums may have a few glitches before they are sorted, so bare with us.

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and please do give a round of applause to Engineer Airhead for his hard work.

    Sergeant Dutch

    TSU Administrator

  • Engineer Airhead

    I approve of this message!

    Engineer Airhead Approved

  • Captain Dermut


  • Awesome!


  • Constable Ad-Tavi

    Thank you for your hard work YJ Airhead!!

  • Commander JET

    Fantastic Airhead! Thank you so much for your hard work!laugh

  • The Sky Marshal, YJ

    Well done! Looks very clean and is easy to use!

    Suggested additional functionality: Could you make it so if you click on someone’s icon, it can go to that person’s profile page?

    (Also a way to message everyone in the division would be nice to have back…)

    Also, just for consistency’s sake, the page header should say “Divisions” instead of “Groups” now, yes? cool

  • Anonymous

    Well done Engineer Airhead!  I love the new layout!mrgreen

  • Engineer Airhead

    The group mail function and link to profile are on the TODO list for the next version.

    I’m going all out here and spill the beans.

    We are going to move the profiles around as well. Dutch hinted at the removal of the activity streams in another topic. The group system was one half of that, the member profiles the other.

    As soon as we’ve finished moving your profile data to a safe location (the forums), I am going to add the group mail and profile links to the division system.

    The profile changes also mean that I have to change the ID Card generator (which is now offline because of the group changes) as well as the Map.

    Keep an eye out for future announcements!

  • Athrun Nailo

    Really liking the new changes.  Great job Airhead! smile

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