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Updates to the Digital Bunker

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Greetings Comrades!

      For past month or two, code monkey Engineer Airhead has been putting in a serious amount of effort into cleaning up the Digital Bunker’s systems.

      I wont get too technical about it, but your profile data and the forum system will get merged together so the site should run a little lighter and a little faster. This will open up some interesting options for TSU in the future as well.

      Your profile data will be saved and transferred. The only thing we can’t save is private messages, so if there are any heartfelt messages of deep emotional significance sitting in your inbox, best copy and paste them to a text file.

      Photo albums are something else that’ll change as well. You’ve done a glorious job of uploading some brilliant pictures to your profiles, with some truly glorious shenanigans. And we’d hate to lose them. So we’re gonna gather up everyone’s photo albums and stick them in a separate gallery.
      Your new profile photo albums will have space for upto 8 pictures, but you will need to upload them elsewhere and link them.

      We’ll do the switch over in just over a week.

      Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, and don’t forget to give the Codemonkey a banana for his brilliant work.

      Sergeant Dutch
      TSU Administrator.

    • Loki

      Thank you for the update and thanks to all the code monkeys (if there is more then one :p ) for making this site a great new home :3 .

    • Commander JET

      *bump* before the switch!! Don’t loose your stuffs soldiers! Back that thing up!eek

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