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TSU Top Ten Recruitment Drive

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TSU Top Ten Recruitment Drive

    • Silent Addle

      What is up my friends,

      I know, I know, I post a lot with ideas and I don’t always follow through but this one is gonna be a little different.

      Now I am sure we are all familiar with Top Ten videos on the YouTube, I mean they’re popular content and relatively easy to do, right?

      Wrong, well maybe you’re right, I don’t know.


      Regardless of this, I had an idea to work on a TSU Top Ten series, we’re gonna start slow for now and only do a few videos just to test the market (as it were), but I want to do things with a slight difference.

      Most of the time I watch a Top Ten and think “How did they get to this result…”, I mean doesn’t it seem a little… subjective at times? So what I am proposing is essentially a crowd sourced Top Ten, the TSU community will be the driving force behind the series, with the video makers only stepping in if there is a tie or trolling afoot.


      So you guys get to decide not only what topics we cover, but the rankings of things and here is how I imagine it works.


      In this example we’re going to use “Top Ten Vidyagames” as our topic, and you’re excited because you like videogames, right?

      When the topic goes live, your job is to make your own top 5 (though if you can’t name 5, less will do) list of games and rank them in order.

      The order is important, because we’re going to take into account every ranking you guys give a thing.

      So if you consider a game to be your top title, it gains (essentially) five points, if you rank something your fourth most amazing game, it gets two points (see how this works?), I would also ask that if you could tell me a little bit about why you rank that title, it would be a great help but don’t feel you have to, it will just be useful to me, all comments and rankings will remain anonymous so you can vote for Barbies Malibu Dreamhouse is you really want to, no one will know.


      Now I know this concept may need to be refined as we go along, but I want to see if it a crowd-sourced listing actually works and I think you guys are good enough for it.

      So what do you say? Who is in?


      To start with, we’re gonna need to gauge interest, so if you’re interested just say so below and maybe suggest a topic that we can cover, if you have a topic you’d rather not mention publicly you can of course PM me, or just PM me if you have any additional thoughts concerning the idea of a Top Ten.


      Lets start this Monday off with a Bang and get it done!

    • Epsilon V. 2.5

      Hmm, this seems like a good bit of fun. Count me in!

      As for a topic…hrm. How about top ten most useful powers(magic, genetic mutations, etc. etc.), from vidyagames, books, or movies?

    • Count me in. I would be happy to do a number of specials on top 10 really boring things. In an exciting way!

      That and add to the debate on any of the more exciting top 10s people suggest.


      For boring – Top 10 British government forms

      For exciting – Top 10 post apocalyptic movies (the winner is 6 String Samurai. Look it up)

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