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TSU Star Wheel

Kromina Sofya Art

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TSU Star Wheel

    • Hey everyone! I made a star wheel for the stargazers among us.  


      This star wheel can be used on any northern latitudes between 30 and 50 degrees, this covers most of Europe, Russia, USA and Canada.

      To make one, print the image of the sleeve and the inner wheel with stars thicker paper recommended. 

      here’s the pdf for the star wheel:

      and here’s the outer sleeve:

      and a png version because the google drive pdf system is a bit failing with gradients

      To assemble, cut out the wheel, and the sleeve (leave the white part on the sleeve). Cut out the inner window of the sleeve. Fold the white flap backwards, and use staples on the white indicated lines to attach it. Then insert the wheel and you have your own star map! 

      Match up the date on the star wheel with the current time on the edge of the sleeve, the window will show which stars are visible. You may notice east and west are switched from position, this is because the map represents the stars above your head, if you hold it above you, you can easily find which constellations you see!

      Happy Stargazing!!! 


    • Geoff Nicholson

      Excellent! Now I can plan my star party propaganda drop!

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