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TSU Game – By soldiers, for everyone!

Kromina Sofya Art

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TSU Game – By soldiers, for everyone!

    • Engineer Airhead

      Greetings fellow soldiers!

      Airhead here… But you already knew that :)

      I’m looking for bright minds and creative hands in order to make the next big thing work!
      The idea is to create a browser game based on the Army of Toy Soldiers.

      I’ve played games in the past like Ogame, Ikariam and enough others just like it.
      I loved the research/resource bits and the different assignments you could do in order to earn points.
      As well as the guild parts where you had to work together in order to get stuff done.
      But got forced away by the bigger “pay-to-win” players with their insane armies that just blew any defense I had away.

      So for this game, I like to see the main focus on cooperation, research and resources.

      I can do some of the technical parts.
      It’s the designing and creative pieces that are lacking in my skill set…
      Which is why I need all of you (or most of you)!
      I want you to help me out with this!

      Over time, I’ll provide this post with data towards working examples and such.
      But I need your help to actually get this off the ground.
      Not asking for money, just your time :)

      You’re free to design it however you like!
      Look at the links I’ve provided or come with examples of your own.
      Use this topic as a hub for communication and we’ll see how far we can get this.

      A few rules though:

      • Like the website, the game will have a PG13 rating at most, keep that in mind.
      • No references to members in the designs or story (we’re all equal, no need to highlight certain members).
      • NO references to Dr. Steel of any sort (He’s retired, you know the story)!

      I hope I didn’t scare you away with the 3 points above…
      Just want this to be a neutral as possible.
      Things might change over time :)

      Helping out doesn’t only mean you’re doing me a favor.
      It will also give you something to boast about towards your friends.
      As well as a spot on the credits page!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Excellent idea, EngineerAirhead!

      The obvious setting in my opinion would be the Digital Bunker. With procedurally generated maps, corridors, rooms, halls, tunnels, factories, etc, all underground.

      In regards to units, there’s the various regiments of the Army (nurse, scout, soldier, engineer) we can also use hamsters and robots with varied roles (a basic unit that can be upgraded to do resource gathering, management, construction, etc).

      To start with, the player begins with a few units, in a single room of the Digital Bunker (just one floor) and they have to explore further. Edges of the map can be explained as the blast doors are shut and inoperable.

      I’m thinking of an alternative as well, which can be set in the ‘real’ world, where it’s just as above, but instead of exploring the Digital Bunker and building up their division, they’re in a cityscape and have to take control of it with propaganda, their units, and so forth.

    • As we all know the digital bunker is huge.

      How about making it a game where people have to work together to clear out undiscovered corridors and rooms, cleaning out the weevils and other nasty critters with nerf guns, traps, and whatever type of weapons we can come up with. By exploring new corridors and rooms, you can gather resources, weapons, other loot related to TSU. The nasty critters could come back if not enough attention is paid with protecting entries to the rooms and can be reclaimed by the critters when all defence systems in place fail. 

    • Drahcir

      This is what my mind quickly conjured up. Maybe it’s of some use.


      setting 1:

      Taking over the dark uncharted parts of the bunker where outdated bugged robots and experiments run wild.


      Setting 2:

      Resistance against Boring Inc.



      • robot parts (build parts to build a certain room)
      • code clusters (reprogram bunker rooms)
      • hamsters (workers/spies)
      • nerf darts (bullets to use per mission)



      • paper toy soldiers (starting units)
      • hamsters (work/spy units)
      • Robots (work/soldier units)
      • Toy soldiers (upgraded version of starting units
      • Toy scouts (spy units)
      • Toy nurses (medical units, reduced recharge time on something?)
      • Toy engineers (building units)
      • regiments (cluster of units, upgraded version of any unit, limited to one can be upgraded further.)



      • nerf sword
      • nerf guns
      • mind control cookies/art (infiltrations)


      mission types:

      • Scouting/exploring (gaining new missions)
      • cleaning (cleaning out a sector/room)
      • elimination (Clearing the room of big hostiles)
      • infiltration (Gain more units)
      • take-over (Take over a room after prerequisites have been met)

    • Engineer Airhead

      Looking more at the Ogame example as it would be an easy one (I think) to create.
      I’ve used the above to come to the following:


      You’ve started a local branch in an attempt to take over the world.
      Your house will be your base of operations and will expand into the underground with the progress you make.


      [yet to think of]


      These will be wings/floors in the underground bunker that will expand by doing research and leveling up said facilities

      • Research center
      • Communication center
      • Kitchen
      • Recruitment center
      • Hangar
      • Garage


      Different kinds of research will make it possible to enhance resource gathering.
      As well as create new facilities for the bunker.
      Some examples:

      • Communication (internet connection)

        • Will open up the division floor.
        • Unlocks different kinds of propaganda with each level.
        • Joining a division will be possible from the first level.
        • Creating a division will be possible after a certain level.

      • Construction

        • Will improve the bunker’s structure with each level.

      • Cooking

        • Will open up the kitchen
        • Allows for different kinds of baked goods to be created for brainwashing.

      • Troops

        • Will open the recruitment wing
        • Every level will open new types of recruits based on the regiments

          • Soldiers
          • Nurses
          • Engineers
          • Scouts

        • Every troop type will give their own advantage during missions

      • Transportation

        • Will open up the hangar/garage at set levels.
        • Allows for different vehicles to be created which in turn can send more troops over the globe.


      Missions will follow up on each other and be based on the world map.
      This could be anything from doing research to invading countries.
      Mission awards will be in the form of resources or other goodies.

      Over time, special missions will be available based on real time events.


      Divisions will get their own pages with default overviews regarding members and points.
      Members will be able to donate resources to the division in order to unlock extras.


      Points will be awarded to both players and divisions based on the research and troop levels/amount.
      For Divisions, the average of all the members will be used.

    • Raptor

      I think the bad guy should be called Earl Grey. And he’s just boring and sucks the fun out of everything like a fun sponge. 

    • Drahcir

      How will you make it based around cooperation instead of fighting each other over their resources like almost every browser based game?

    • Engineer Airhead

      Simple answer: By removing the fighting element against other players.

      People could get points by trading resources and sending troops to other players in order to complete missions.
      Missions could be:

      • Get X amount of players together in order to invade country Y
      • Trade X amount of resources against a ratio of 1:10

      And more like it.

      Still open to suggestions :P

    • Drahcir

      We could go for a less solo player friendly option that causes players be unable to obtain a certain resource so they will need to trade it with others. (or gather them through certain missions only available to those people to make it more friendly towards solo players again.)

    • Drahcir

      Or maybe if we work with some kind of specialization/class system we can give them all specific resources that everyone would need for special quests that give them something special to show off.

      It would be a good thing anyway to give them certain things to show off like achievements or things they can display. Create a reason to progress in the game next to the basic trying to get up higher on the leaderboards. A reason for everyone to clear missions besides the numerical value that often displays more about how long someone has been playing rather then the things they have achieved.

    • Dr. Malice

      If this is still an active project, I know of a devilishly handsome guy who could do some voice over work and record some music for your game.


      Just putting it out there…..

    • Silent Addle

      I would also like to throw support for this project, damn if only I had time to speak to Airhead recently…

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