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TSU Creative Contest

    • Izunamii

      What’s it about?

      Do you have imagination? Do you have creativity? Then this is the competition for you!

      During the month of December TSU members both old and new are welcome to create a TSU-related art piece in any medium and enter for the chance to win some awesome prizes!


      How to Enter

      Post or link your entries below.

      Subject matter must be TSU-related, which can include: TSU events, characters, propaganda, personal projects relating to TSU, or TSU persona/s.

      All artistic mediums are welcome, including: Digital art, traditional art, animation, artisan crafts, music, poetry, short stories and film.



      • Entry must NOT contain NSFW material: This includes nudity, abusive language, explicit or sexual scenes or images, gore-filled or disturbing scenes or images, discrimination/violence towards other people/group of people.
      • Entry must NOT contain copyrighted material, or infringe copyright laws.
      • Content relating to Dr. Steel will NOT be accepted (sorry folks, maybe next time!)
      • One entry per person.
      • Winners must have their Private Messaging (PM) feature turned on so I can send them their prizes.



      1st Place: $50.00AUD* Digital Redbubble Voucher

      2nd Place: $30.00AUD* Digital Redbubble Voucher

      3rd Place: $20.00AUD* Digital Redbubble Voucher


      *Currency is in Australian Dollars, but can be changed to your currency of choice; however if changed, it will be subjected to the international exchange rate and therefore may differ to the amount shown.



      No further entries will be accepted after this date, as voting will begin during the first week of January 2018.

      If you have any questions or queries, feel free to PM me at any time!


      laugh GOOD LUCK AND BEST OF ALL: HAVE FUN! laugh

    • Izunamii

      TWO Weeks to Go!

      I also want to add, if this competition proves to be a success I shall do more in future and will then take on suggestions for competition events and prizes.

    • Izunamii

      FINAL WEEK!!!

    • Izunamii



      I’m closing this a few hours early because I think it’s obvious by now that there aren’t going to be any submission to the contest.

      While I admit I am disappointed in this result, I’m also determined to learn from it and work on trying some other things in future to get people more involved. For example, I was thinking maybe people would be more interested in a colouring-in contest rather then have people making things from scratch? I’d have to make some line-art for it, but it might be worth doing?

      But if anyone has any advice, suggestions or constructive criticism feel free to reply to this or PM me. I really just want to create events that people would want to be involved in, and if this wasn’t something people were interested in then I guess I gotta work harder at figuring out what is. Challenge accepted!

    • Brigadier Davis

      Hey Pendulum.


      I’m really really sorry that this hasn’t worked out for you, I was routing for someone to take it up and run with it.

      I’ve both run and entered a few contests on TSU with either no entrants or as me as the only entrant and it makes me sad. Creativity is the heart and soul of TSU and everyone should try to make sure they take some time out of their day to make sure they can do something creative.

      This said, you may be better off starting out smaller. As you suggested something like a colouring contest or similar, then slowly work larger. If you can gain peoples interest and activity you can then get them to participate in larger and more complex works.

      Another possibly reason for the lack of uptake may be how broad the possibilities of entries were. when there is so much choice and so much variety then it can seem a little daunting. Maybe sticking with one entry criteria such as “TSU related poem” may work better?

      Also, your always welcome to post the link to you competition on the TSU and TSU divisional Facebook pages and on the Discord chat to help advertise and try to get more participants.

      Just my 2 cents worth, but I hope it helps.

    • Izunamii

      Hey Brigadier Davis


      It’s fine, it was my first attempt at making an event in the group, so chances were high things weren’t going to work out perfectly.

      I think starting off smaller would be a better idea, I guess as a newbie I wasn’t sure what kind of things people in the group were in to so I made it open for anything. But your right, it was probably a bit daunting, so next time I’ll do something smaller and less intimidating for people to join in.

      I did post it up on the Facebook page, though I’m not apart of the Discord just yet. Still overcoming the anxiety to join that one. But thanks for the tip!

      And thanks for the feedback, it’s really helpful to hear an outsiders opinion and learn from it. I want to get more involved in TSU and if I want to make a good impact I gotta learn what makes people tick!

      Probably won’t be doing anything new for the next month or two as I’m a tad busy, but that only gives me the time to think up a new evil schem-… uh I mean, tsu event, that will hopefully be a bit more successful.

      Thanks again!

    • SLIII

      Dang. If I checked back here more often, I would have entered for sure. I’m weird though and wouldn’t be motivated by the prize. I’d just want the recognition.

      I do like the previously mentioned, “start smaller,” idea. We’re I to give a suggestion, it would probably be as follows:

      Level One, open a contest for sticker designs. Collect design submissions for TSU stickers and select some top entries!

      Level Two, get people to print the top entries and send in photos of them stuck to stuff. Award points for entries stuck to cool objects, weird objects, and remote locations. Oh, maybe even award points for oversized versions of the stickers.

      Level Three, ???

      Level Four, profit. By convincing the armory to sell the more popular stickers. Possibly as a trial run.

      Just some ideas. I hope your future endeavors are more fruitful. 

    • Izunamii

      Well it’s the thought that counts.

      Honestly my original intention of making it open to all art forms is I wasn’t sure how big TSU was, it seems a lot of the time it’s kinda, uh, dead. By making it more open I thought maybe it would give a larger group of people the opportunity to join in.

      But I realize now that plan wasn’t going to work out, so as you and others have said, I’ll do something smaller for the next time.


      Designing stickers does sound like fun though, and a really good idea for promoting TSU. Thanks for the input!

      I can’t run another competition any time soon though, I’m a tad on the broke side atm.

      But of course yourself or others are welcome to give it a shot. ;)

      If not though I do plan to do another competition at some point, it’ll just be a few months away though. For the time being I’m working on other things such as colouring-in pages and such. :P

    • Captain Dermut

      Excellent suggestion SLIII, but for one little thing.


      Stickering is seen in many countries as littering or even vandalism and as such is against the law. 

      TSU and the army of Toy Soldiers do not encourage, nor advocates, the breaking of laws. It’s a legal thing. With things being as they are we can’t promote (or in this case potentially reward) any action which is illegal. (Read as give us a bad, or worse, name then we already have by being a bunch of sub-culture and counter-culture weirdos).

      There is offcourse no law against sticking things to stuff you own yourself. (Well, in most counties there isn’t, depending on the material represented on said sticker.) In case of other peoples stuff, ask permission first.

    • Lt. Sophie

      Hi Izunamii,

      I just popped in after months, basically. For various reasons I had no real time to check the forums, and for that I apologise. But even if the contest is over and sadly nobody contributed, I would like to give you some advice on future projects, especially contests.

      1) Social Media
      Most of us don’t use the forum very actively. If you want people to know about your project, you’ll have to reach out to them via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

      2) Notify the codemonkeys
      We can help you spread the word through the TSU social media accounts. We can even make a frontpage post about your project. If you’re planning on a contest, PM or email us, or poke us on Discord. 


      I should add that this should have been addressed by us a lot earlier. I feel like the contest could have done better had you known this beforehand. I’m really sorry it didn’t work out. In the future, we should do better than this and support projects like yours more.

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