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TSU Candy Exchange

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TSU Candy Exchange

    • So from a little chat with Engineer Airhead and SGT. Voltor on Facebook I came up with the idea for a Toy Soldiers candy exchange. Basically most of us live in various countries and different countries have different delicious candies you can’t get elsewhere. So similar to a Secret Santa set up different toy soldiers to send each other different candies. Anyone interested?

      Here’s the link to the survey Arthun set up: Survey!

    • Athrun Nailo

      Sounds like an awesome idea.  I’m in.  I suppose the only thing to worry about is allergies.

    • Just let me know what allergies you have and I’ll make sure to tell whoever gets your name not to buy anything with those things in them. :) 

    • Athrun Nailo

      No food allergies for me.  Just want to avoid an awkward situation like sending Snickers bars to a person who is deathly allergic to peanuts. 

    • I like this idea. Can’t really think of any British exclusive sweets though

    • This sounds fun, how about we do this, if there is a candy here in Tennessee that is not in the UK let me know and I’ll see what I can do about sending that candy to those who request it.

    • Engineer Airhead

      Hokay… Count me in!!!

      Small tip to all participants, add a list of either food allergies of things you want, but keep in mind that some products might not make it through customs at some countries!

      Like the kinder eggs that are banned from the USA (so sorry for them :[ )

    • Wait they were BANNED? I thought they just didn’t get much business in America as opposed to other countries.


      Anywho, I have a dislike of nuts, not an allergy Ex. Nothing with nuts but anything with peanut butter is fine so just nothing with actual nuts stuck into the product

    • Athrun Nailo

      Kinder eggs are awesome.  Pretty much they where banned because some parents bought them for small children.  You can guess what happened next.

      In terms of preferences we could make a Google survey/form to capture the data and write it to a spreadsheet.  That spreadsheet can then be shared or kept private.  We did this for a membership survey for my lodge and it worked pretty good.


      Edit: Just made this up real quick if anyone wants edit or see results let me know.

    • Oh go on then. I am sure I can send some traditional British candy to those who desire it.


      Edit: As an aside, the worse the candy the more fun I shall have reviewing it, in ridiculous detail.

    • @athrunnailo Just made my submission, can;t wait to see what delicious treats come my way *drooling slightly*

      Steve: He likes candy like I l-l-llike cookies

    • Just made my submission. Y’all are awesome. Thank you Ahtrun for setting up the survey thing!

    • Engineer Airhead

      Had to add my submission as well :D

    • Athrun Nailo

      Thanks Cat.  I’ll send you a link to the results document.  Sounds like once there are a decent amount of submissions could move to Phase 2.  I’ve also shared the list with the main CHEER mailbox.

    • So right now we only have 5 people on the list. So we need at least one more person to make it an even number. :) 

    • CANDY :3 Count me in!

    • Most excellent Gonzo! 

    • Just an FYI guys, if it has peanut butter in then I wants it! ^_^

    • Athrun Nailo

      I think a link to the survey should be in the opening post

    • Edited :) 

    • When will the results be put out so we can know who wants what? I’m really excited to be sending candy across the world

    • Survey completed :D

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