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Trying to rebuild collection after hurricane loss. See...

Home Forums General Discussions Trying to rebuild collection after hurricane loss. Seeking Dr. Steel DVD?

Trying to rebuild collection after hurricane loss. Seeking Dr. Steel DVD?

    • Prisoner416

      I know that Dr. Steel himself is a sensitive subject for various reasons and that this group is no longer connected to him.

      However, my general OCD and nostalgia would like it if I could rebuild the collection I used to have. Sadly, most of the material I had was on a computer that was destroyed by flooding due to hurricane Irene and the substorm Lee. We lost a lot of material during those weeks and most of my major collections bit the dust.

      Most of it I’ve been able to rebuild. The only things that I have not been able to obtain again are the read-a-long cd (Don’t have any hopes for seeing another copy of that.) and the 2nd version of the propaganda dvd with the extra bits (steel show, ask steel, etc.)

      The second one is what I’m hoping someone here might still have, considering it was a free file that was passed around.

      I intend to keep it for personal reasons. I have a lot of nostalgia and memories connected to back then, even if things didn’t turn out the best. If anyone out there still has the files or a copy they could make into an iso., this toy soldier would be ever so grateful.

      It’s strange as I get older, how much I try to cling to the past. I suppose in the end, we are all just human.

    • Yske!

      First off, It sucks to hear about the whole hurricane thing. That’s just awful, man.


      But about the DVD, Have you tried asking the dude himself? He’s super open about all the Dr. Steel stuff now days and usually responds to any emails about it within about a week. His email is  [email protected] I don’t think he still has any DVD’s on hand, I have asked him a few years ago but he wasn’t able to find any in storage, but I’m sure he’d send the data and stuff on the disk over if you asked.

    • SLIII

      As Yske! said, the damage and loss are really crappy. At least you’ve made it through with good sprits.

      I don’t have a copy myself, but I am more than capable of duplicating one. If someone can’t part with their copy but would temporarily be without it while I copy it for Prisoner416, please chime in. I could even walk someone though coping you disc to the computer and sending the digital file to me. I can then reproduce it in a physical form.

      This is all assuming there are no objections to making a copy of an out of print disc. Thoughts on that?

    • Hi, really sorry to hear about your loss, I’ve been a member of this community for about half a decade now and I know how much sentimental value items can hold. With regards to the “read-a-long” C.D I haven’t seen a physical copy but I have came across archived digital versions of some of the tracks on youtube, I believe that the owner of the channel has a physical copy of the C.D so I will make enquiries for you.

      Here is what I have found of the album so far


      Track 1- Read Along (Album)

      Track 15- 12,000 miles through space (Album)

      Raja/Hidden Track (Album)






    • Geoff Nicholson

      Hey; just wanted to check in and make sure you’re enjoying the ISO Rip of the DVD I sent you!  I’m still needing to go through the closet and see if I’ve got any of the CDs too… but it sucks that you lost your collection!

      • Prisoner416

        Yes, thanks. Sorry that I haven’t checked into the site proper for a bit, I’ve been a bit busy as of late.

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