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Toy Soldiers Unite Discord Server

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Toy Soldiers Unite Discord Server

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Updated – 02/01/2017

      Toy Soldiers Unite uses Discord as one of it’s main socializing and discussion methods. The IRC/Livechat of the past has now been retired.

      Discord allows for voice as well as text chat, and video is planned for the future.
      The server is administrated by myself, and moderated by a squad of highly trained codemonkeys.

      I highly recommend you have a read of the Rules, Regs & Protocols.

      The advantage with Discord is it has a much more stable smartphone app, allows for multiple channels, easier moderation, and it has actually useful bots.

      For those of you with Discord already, you can follow this link:
      For those of you without Discord, I suggest you download it or open it in your browser.

      If you have a different username registered on Discord from what most Toy Soldiers generally know you as, please do say so. Being all mysterious and elusive will only get you so far, and by that, I mean placed in the Box.

      You’ve got the option of doing some fancy formatting on the server, but the old /me commands you used to have in IRC are no longer applicable.

      Currently there are 2 or 3 bots on the channel.
      The first goes by the name of Tatsumaki. She provides several different functions.
      She keeps track of how often you interact in chat and awards XP randomly (so don’t bother spamming) which allows you to level up. You can also request daily credits, which you can then spend on a fancy background for your profile provided by the robot. (Not linked to

      You can also ask Tatsumaki to give cookies to other users, provide you with facts about cats, search youtube and wikipedia and more. So have a look at the most common commands available.

      The second bot is Mee6 who announces when someone is streaming live on twitch, and can provide funny pics.

      The third bot is Robot #3223, one of our own Bunker Robots, who provides an excellent source of music in the Auditory Vibrations channel. He also takes requests. He’s somewhat experimental, having been hit over the head with several jukeboxes, so may not always be online.

      There are currently 7 public channels on the server for toy soldiers to use.

      • Show Off Your Passion: This is to link to your OWN creations and projects, not anyone else’s. Comment and compliment.
      • Bunker Lounge: The main chat channel. Discuss what you like here, though the rules and regs still abide.
      • Botplay: Not as kinky as it sounds. Here you can test out and experiment with Tatsumaki, get your dailies and learn the commands.
      • TSOSD: For members of the Toy Soldier Orbital Sciences Directorate. Rev. Geoff and Gonzo head up this division for all space based discussions.
      • The Media Channel: This is to avoid spamming the chat with too many links to things you’ve found on the internet. Feel the need to share? Share it here.
      • Mess Hall (Voice Channel): General chit chat and the like.
      • Auditory Vibrations (Voice Channel): Robot #3223’s channel for disseminating his playlist.

       There are 3 roles on the server, your name will be coloured to that role.

      • Administrator / Codemonkey
      • Toy Soldier
      • New Recruit. Everyone is assigned this role when they log on to the server for the first time, but gets upgraded to Toy Soldier within 24 to 72 hours.

      There is in fact a 4th role as well

      • The Box: This is a) for funsies and b) if someone ends up spamming chat or taking liberties with the rules & regs. It merely mutes the individual and is considered a step below kicking or banning. Usually someone is only placed in The Box for a few minutes. Please keep it tidy as Elve practically lives in the Box.

      If you need help, or have questions, you can preface your question with @Codemonkey which will notify any codemonkeys/moderators logged in. Please don’t abuse this feature.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      I like it. It’s been working well, thus far.

    • Toy Scout Nessie

      The invite url seems to be broken or expired.

    • Sgt. Dutch

      @Caledonian said:
      The invite url seems to be broken or expired.  

      Link has now been updated

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