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Toy Soldiers in Illinois

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Toy Soldiers in Illinois

    • I was trying to send a PM to the Soldiers here in IL but the site was giving me a page 404 error, not sure if its just cause I’m new or if the feature isn’t working, but I noticed a lack of divisions in IL and was looking at scrounging up some members to get an Illinois chapter up and running. Was looking at maybe even setting up a D&D game for those who are up near Chicago.


      Even if your not in IL leave a message and say hi. I don’t bite (usually).

    • Captain Dermut

      You may want to submit a bug report under Website news at the bottom of the forums.

    • @Captain Dermut said:
      You may want to submit a bug report under Website news at the bottom of the forums.  

      Already submitted a report, also you interested in joining a IL division?

    • Anonymous

      Seeing as how Dermut is in the Netherlands, which last I checked is not in Illinois, I don’t think he’d be interested.  I, however, am VERY interested.  Greater Chicagoland, to be precise.  I never really fit in with any regional division since the 6800 Midwest Division was broken up…that division was prohibitively huge, anyway…like five states were in it!  No, I’m thinking more of the 312 Chi-Town Brigade.  I’m sure we can muster up at least the bare minimum to start a Division.

    • Lol, we could always just move to the Netherlands. And I’m working on finding a few more people. Though I’m not very social these days.

    • I just made an e-mail for the division. I’m gonna start printing flyers soon to hang up around town, and put the e-mail on them so people can contact us. I’m also working on a division patch. I’ll post a picture soon.

    • Silent Addle

      Hey Kit, I have to wonder why you need to put an email on fliers specifically.

      I think you’ll have better results if you include the site address and facebook group instead of an email as that allows people to explore what we’re about and choose to interact.

      Additionally be sure of your local laws as some places don’t allow just hanging up fliers and even if it is you doing it the TSU would be the ones to blame, you’ll also find a more targeted approach to handing out fliers yields better results (from an objective point of view), so handing them out at fun events, perhaps putting a few (with permission) in gaming and comic stores, etc.


      ..And be sure to get the Okay from management on forming the division before paying to get patches made up or it won’t get recognised officially.

    • Of course, I would make sure to post them with permission. And I will make sure the site information and everything is on there, I just wanted to put the e-mail on there so if they had any questions about signing up they could ask. The more ways people cant contact the better.

      And will definitely wait to have the patches made, just wanna get some ideas down before I get too tied up organizing other stuff.

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