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Toy Soldier Postcards

    • CHEER’s first army-wide/community mission will be to produce a series of postcards using original artwork, photography, inpirational messages, and more. Each participant will be mailed a set for him/her to send off how he/she sees fit!

      First order of the operation is to figure out exactly what we want to put on these cards. Please post your ideas!

    • Cpl.Deimos Poe

      i think for right now it might be a good idea to make it maybe a birthday or holiday thing. it sounds like a good starting point to me.

    • Brigadier Davis

      Kiddo, I love this idea. TS postcards!

    • I agree with the idea of birthday/holiday postcards to start. Depending on how well-received they are we can then expand into more miscellaneous ideas! Also, I’d like to work on some “get well soon” cards.

      I don’t have any ideas for birthdays or holidays yet, but, I’d like to create “get well soon” cards with the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine!” with random jokes, puns, and funny anecdotes featuring images of nurses and medics.

      Anyone have any jokes, puns, funny stories to share for this? Also anyone want to volunteer to draw images or take photos for these?

      What can we do for the birthday/holiday cards? Ideas/suggestions?



    • JJObscene

      I like the sound of this, and i think that the birthday and holiday idea is a great way to get kicked off. 

      Maybe we could get some form of division specific prop to add in to the letters, like a little card or something. *shrugs*

      Anyone know a toy soldier whos birthday is coming up soon?

    • I figured we could get a logo made and have it as sort of a watermark on each card. We could also have stickers made and attach them to the cards!

      As for birthdays, I created a thread ( for us to keep track of birthdays, important TSU dates, and soldier’s email addresses :)


    • JJObscene

      If we get a right and proper logo to use, i will happily look into a custom-made stamp. Maybe eventually get a wax-seal. But for now, maybe a stamp with a logo. 

    • That’s a great idea. Stamps are cheap to produce, so I’ve heard.

      Also, my mother works at the post office. I can ask her about custom postage and the like.


    • JJObscene

      From what im seeing its about a dollar a stamp for a custom image on them.

    • Maybe my mom can get a deal. Won’t hurt to ask :3

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