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Toy Soldier Day Mission: Your Passion, Your Creativity, Your Pinecone!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Mission Brief

      Alright you lot. Gonna actually attempt to plan ahead a bit.
      Toy Soldier Day is in a few months, and I have an idea that’ll highlight the very core of the Army of Toy Soldiers. YOU!

      Between now and February 26th, record and submit a video of yourselves doing what you are the most passionate about.
      Are you writing fanfic? Get someone to record over your shoulder as you beat the living hell out of your keyboard.
      Building a robot? Film its first steps and/or epic failure.
      Streaming games? Creating props? Playing music? Fighting for your rights? Teaching skills? Forging metal? Exploring the world? Exploring your mind?
      I want you to show and tell the world in no more than 1 Minute, what it is that your pineal gland thrives upon.

      Video Requirements:

      – Your video can be edited, but nothing fancy. No flashes, or fades, or such. Just a straight cut from one scene to the next.
      – No music or background ambience (excepting if you’re a musician)
      – Maximum length of 1 minute total. It can be shorter if you want.
      – Review your video before uploading it. Check you can be clearly seen and heard. Google for quick tips if need be.
      – No nudity, swearing, politics, religion or actual guns/weapons. Painted nerf guns and props are fine.
      – It can be 1080p or potato quality. Not expecting Scorsese here.
      – Toy Soldier Uniform would be nice, but is not a requirement. There is a sale currently on in the Armory if you’d like to finally get around to making a new uniform.
      – See spoiler below about older uniforms:

      Ok, this may come across somewhat controversial, but please do not include any Dr. Steel patches or insignia. It’s been almost 6 years since his retirement, and he really has absolutely nothing to do with the Army of Toy Soldiers any more. That has always been YOU.

      If you absolutely must include the Dr. Steel patch, alright. But I’d really appreciate it if it wasn’t included. Again, we’re not Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, we are THE Army of Toy Soldiers.

      At the end of your video, it’d be great if you could do the following.
      1. Gaze at the camera, and say “To a Utopian Playland.” (dramatically).
      2. Perform the Toy Soldier Salute. Place right hand fist onto your heart, then snap head to the right, tilted upwards ever so slightly, as if staring into the future, and hold that pose for a few seconds. That’ll be where your video ends.

      Where to send your video:

      Please upload your video to either Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar file sharing site, and send the link to [email protected]
      Do NOT upload to Youtube, Vimeo or elsewhere, or attempt to email the file directly, it wont work.

      The cut off date is the 26th of February, there’s no negotiating this and anything that arrives afterwards will not be included.

      Your video will be part of a montage, so not all elements may be used, but we’ll do our utmost to get the best parts included.

      If you have any questions, reply to this topic, or pop into the Discord server.

      I sincerely look forward to getting to know and show your passions, talents, hobbies and pinecones better, and sharing them with the world.

      To a Utopian Playland!

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